Fostens Ash Pub about 12.15 today?

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  • Fostens Ash Pub about 12.15 today?
  • techsmechs

    Was it you? I was riding a particularly noisy classic motorbike – Looked like a good group heading out… I need to get back out on the trails and wondered if you guy headed out from there most weeks. Was gonna stop but the CB was running right for the first time in months…..


    Might have been the Bigfoot MBC ride…

    Ah did you have a passenger with a pink jacket on? We were all in awe of the sweet noise your CB was making. It was the Cotswold massiv ride, a very rare ride that happens only when the planets are in correct alignment. We had started out from The Bell in shudington and had just surfaced from the woods out the back of fostons ash when you roared by! Keep your eyes peeled on the bike forum for the next one.


    yeah, that was us – I peered over to check you guys out, I thought it might be. We would be interested in joining next time – mrs TM isn't very expirenced so is the ride fast or leisurely? Would it be OK to join in?


    Yep, you witnessed the Mighty STW Cotswold Massiv.

    You're welcome to come along fella, MrsTM too. It's nice and social, pace is that of the slowest rider.

    Which, on Sunday, was, er, me 😳

    Might be something going on Saturday, keep your eyes peeled


    Just picked up on the fact that I missed a STW experience!
    I'm a local from a 'local village', so count me in next time.
    I'll look out for Saturday.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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