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  • robbo

    I know its been wet but tonights ride turned into frog slalom. All over the track pairs of frogs caught in the act by my lights. The looks on their innocent faces made me smile.
    What’s your best bit of ‘nightlife’ on a night ride?


    Escaped cows and doggers

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    Robbo. Were you the chap at Low Hauxley on Thursday night?

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    We were out one night last year which coincided with the night a young frogs thoughts turn to……

    Quite a few newts that night as well. Hope they were sober, don’t want any inter species nookie….


    Were they frogs? I saw many out tonight, and the three I picked up to move them out of harms way all appeared to be toads (didn’t jump, walked perfectly, warty backs, although wet from the rain).

    And why oh why do they all sit in the middle of the road, I live in the countryside!


    You picked them up!??? You’ll get warts now! I didn’t stop to check if they were toads. The squelching noise under my tyres sounded ‘frog-like’ though.

    And ‘Fornicating Toads’ doesn’t sound right…


    Tons of frogs out last night out our way (near Stirling). They were pretty “active” (although always just sit up and play chicken when you’re cycling at them). There was a four-way at one point, which was nice.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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