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  • Formula brakes, the good and bad?
  • I have K18's and K24's.

    Good – cheap, great modulation, plenty of power.

    Bad – Bit of fiddle to bleed. Had to change the master piston on my K24's and that was a RIGHT faff, compared to working on Hopes.

    Pad wear isn't as good as my old original minis, but they're not too bad. Getting a few instances of uneven wear though.

    The main issue for me, is that I can't seem to get them to mate well with Shimano shifters. I can get them close, but there is too much bulk in the Oro bar clamp to get the shifter as close as I'd like. I have XTRs and XT shifters, both of which will allow me to adjust where the pod sits relative to the bar clamp, but they're not perfect. Irritates me. I may ditch them for saints or something.

    I changed becuase I hoped they'd need less maintainence than my hopes. Hasn't really panned out that way.

    Also, propel are utterly useless. CRC and UK bikestore carry plenty of spares.

Viewing 41 post (of 41 total)

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