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  • Fork seals – any difference?

    So I need to service (a few of) my forks so considering new seals, but there are so many choices now, what have people used and rate? I’ll be doing a set of 38mm 888, 32mm fox, 35mm pike (new, travel change, worth changing out to low friction if they are better?)

    I’ve seen…

    TF low friction
    Fox low friction
    Standard brand versions


    Fox low friction being SKF, I assume?

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    When I looked into this, the Enduro seals where reported as wearing the stantions due to the harder material used.

    I’ve no experience of that I just went with Fox SKF in the end.


    Fox low friction being what Mojo list, dont know if they are a recent change, but likely a recent enough that they probably pre-date the ones on my fork.

    Are the Fox LF the same as those SKF? Mojo listing doesnt mention SKF and quick google suggests the SKF branded ones are more expensive, so guessing not. Another option to consider.

    Premier Icon Rick Draper

    The fox ones are made by SKF but the green SKF ones are slightly different I believe. I have not tried the SKF ones yet but I am going to look into them.

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    J-Tech, who I understand are quite good for X-Fusion, told me they use SKF seals, so I got them.

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    Avoid the PUSH seals, they’re truly appalling unless you fancy changing them every other week. Very low friction out of the box, degrade very quickly, gave up completely after 5 weeks, and that was back in June/July when it was warm and sunny most of the time.

    I’d go with whatever TF or Loco recommend (although TF sold me the PUSH ones, they were very sorry about it and replaced them).


    Leave Standard seals in the pikes.

    Marz stick some SKF seals in there.


    Cheers all, glad i asked as was just going to get Enduro seals for the lot from BETD, sounds like SKF or standard is the way to go.

    The marzocchi havnt been done… ever, only taking them apart as i think they have finally lost enough oil/or degraded to affect the rebound damping after 7 years, still smooth as butter otherwise :0)

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    I’ve used enduro seals on my 32mm pikes. Stiction / Friction is pretty high on them, felt like I was riding a rigid for a while. Silicon spray helps but I probably wouldn’t bother with them again.

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    I’ve got an older RS Revelation (2009 I think). But I keep on top of maintenance so its still running pretty nicely.

    Seals I’ve tried are Enduro, Standard RS and SKF Green.

    Enduro – avoid. High stiction – they didn’t mark my stanchions as others have suggested but they just made the fork feel really notchy

    Standard RS – perfectly fine, good life, reasonable stiction after a couple of rides, cheap

    SKF Green – Very good, low stiction after fitting, seem to be lasting well, only negative is they are quite expensive

    zero cool

    I put a pair of TFTuned/Speed Bros low friction seals in my 36s and had a lot of stiction problems, it made it feel like riding on rigid forks over small bumps this summer. A few oil changes and regreasing hasn’t helped and Torico checked them and said they were fitted correctly.

    Going to strip them down and have another look and then probably replace them with something else.

    Tom KP

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