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  • Fork seal popped out
  • mjsmke

    I found 2 older threads on this but they were closed so couldn’t resurrect them.

    I just finished a lower leg service on my Rebas and on first compression the wiper seal from the damper side popped out. Since this was the damper side I can only guess there was too much oil in the lowers causing less space for air to compress under the wiper seal. I put in 15ml in each lower leg but there probably was some oil that didn’t drain out. So I stripped them down again and put the seal back in place. This time when putting oil in the lowers (10ml this time) i compressed the forks a little before tightening the bolts to relieve any unwanted pressure. At full compression the seal stayed in place and they seem ok again.

    Does this sound right or have i made a silly mistake somewhere?

    Premier Icon jasonm945

    I thought Reba’s took 5ml of 15 wt oil as per their chart here



    The contact surface between seal and lowers can sometimes be rather smooth & tolerances can also vary between seals/lowers.
    Also if there is any oil on the mating surfaces this can cause the seal to pop when they’re compressed.

    jasonm945 – Member

    I thought Reba’s took 5ml of 15 wt oil as per their chart here

    FWIW the old/original shape one (also original revelation, pike, recon and tora) had 15mls specced in the service manual.


    I had the exact same problem with my 29er 2011 Reba’s especially every time i used Fork Juice.

    I cleaned the innrer surface of the fork leg at the top really well, then put two really small squares of duct tape on the top and slightly “roughed up” the surface, this seems to have given a bit more purchase to the seal and it has stayed in, not sure if it is the correct thing to do though


    Thanks for the tips. I’ll give them a test today and see how they go. I’ve not got anymore 15wt fork oil bit will 10 wt oil be ok in the lowers?

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