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  • fodmtb

    is now open…..
    However if you are going to ride the new tabletop section please ride it within your ability. I picked up 3 riders in 10 mins (over the bars) suspected collar bones / wrist break. Be safe people. Hope those guys are ok

    Thats the strange thing about the Forest these days alot of people riding without much experience and having nasty crashes.Must be a cycling thing!!!!!!!!!!!.Would they get on a MX bike and try a 10footer jump no way.Funny world.

    Premier Icon stevied

    Nice. Heading down Sunday so looking forward to trying the new stuff..


    Rode it Sunday. Its great. Vast improvement to the existing freeminers.

    Premier Icon mboy

    Had a mosey over there a week or so ago, looked at the tabletops and thought “I bet there’s going to be some broken people anytime soon”.

    Take care folks! Looks good though… 🙂


    Is it within a loop/circuit still or separate bits of trail? Or
    ride a section back up the fire road ride another section type of thing.


    After avoiding Freeminers due to its shortness, I was told about updates mid way around the blue on Sunday, so I hit Freeminers right after. Wow, what a change, much longer, much more challenging. Table top section is class, especially the ones that have a slight hip.
    Once it’s been ridden more it’ll certainly make the trip to FOD more appealing when you don’t the trails in the surrounding area.

    I still hate the last section of the trail though, seems un-thought about and pointless.


    Was up the weekend before last and seeing a lot of work being done by the trailbuilders, well done to those taking part in building up the trails, i’ll have a go next time i’m up.


    Is it me or the photo? Those tables look mighty short, no wonder people are going OTB!


    It’s the photo – they’re not short.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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