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  • FoD conditions – tons of snow or mudfest?
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    FoD is the backup plan for Easter Monday, plan is Cannock. What is it like down in the FoD at moment, extra kudos for pics of conditions.

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    Hi mate, photo on my Facebook of a group of us on Sunday if you check my photos on there. Was covered in snow/ice on the exposed bits which I dare say will have melted.

    The good news is the less well known stuff was still riding quite well, incredibly dry (given the conditions) underfoot in places. Verderers was quite sketchy cos the hardpack was covered in ice (should be gone I’d think now), the Freeminera trail was quite muddy in places. Worst bit about Sunday was as soon as any amount of mud got onto the bike, it then froze on, adding weight but stopping gear cables from moving! By the end of it, most of us were on heavy singlespeeds, whether or not that was the intention in the first place or not.

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    Cheers Mark, know what you mean about the mud and ice, had to use a rubber mallet after sunday morn ride to remove the ice from rims and frame, rear mech ok with full outers front mech solid

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    Was up there yesterday doing the blue and the red xc trails.

    There is one section of hardpack ice but its on a gentle climb so not a big problem just take it easy we all managed without any sketchy moments.

    Otherwise there are patches of mud and the odd bit of ice but on the whole conditions are fine.

    First time I’d been up there and had a lot fun. Will defo be back for some more.


    Conditions today better than yesterday, exposed sections are icy, muds not to bad as frozen. Snow is minimum and again less around than yesterday.


    It was good yesterday

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