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  • First bike packing / overnight touring – Lots of Pics…..
  • Premier Icon scotroutes

    That’s the way to do it!! Get out there and tweak your kit as you go. You’ll soon learn that lighter = more fun too 🙂


    nice one, but…… campsite?


    Nice! I made my HD into a camper bike. With a little thought and a LOT of zipties, anything is possible.

    Haven’t made it out much this year – had planned more – however, i figure the outdoors aint going anywhere.


    Alpkit Ti cookset then 🙂 i bought the lot, well pleased with it and the savings over big brand names.

    Nice little adventure.


    What rack is that? I was considering getting one for my pub/commuter bike which looks to be a similar frame

    Not sure on the rack – think it was a Lidi special as was the pannier bags.

    As for campsite -> 8 quid for the night with running water etc. wasn’t too bad. Could also leave my stuff there whilst I walked to Charmouth and not worry.

    Wild camping will come – in time 😉

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Bloody ace.
    Well done that man.
    Love the bike. Reminds me of simillar trips as a child.

    So after being inspired by all the bivi talking and bike packing I decided to have a go my self. Already had some camping gear but during the week I took delivery of some Alpkit dry bags and a Highlander Jura lightweight 2 man tent.
    The family were heading off to Charmouth in Dorset so I decided to book into a nearby campsite and cycle there (22 miles from our village in Somerset) and camp the night (solo).
    So I laid all my gear on the floor ready to pack up.

    Untitled by Jackass123456789, on Flickr

    Then loaded it all up on my old trusty steel road hybrid thing (single speed).

    Untitled by Jackass123456789, on Flickr

    Dorset views.

    Untitled by Jackass123456789, on Flickr

    Getting near (I can see the sea!).

    Untitled by Jackass123456789, on Flickr

    Arrived at the camp site after a couple of loop backs and missed turns (I had no map, just glanced at the map before I left and thought ‘yeah I’ll find it’

    Untitled by Jackass123456789, on Flickr

    Camp set up ready.

    Untitled by Jackass123456789, on Flickr

    My parent txt me saying they had rain at home. I replied with this (on my walk to Charmouth from the camp site – lovely 30min walk off road following a stream).

    Untitled by Jackass123456789, on Flickr

    Clear skies on the walk home at 9 back to the camp site.

    Untitled by Jackass123456789, on Flickr

    Untitled by Jackass123456789, on Flickr

    Room with a view.

    Untitled by Jackass123456789, on Flickr


    Untitled by Jackass123456789, on Flickr

    Untitled by Jackass123456789, on Flickr

    All packed up and homeward bound.

    Untitled by Jackass123456789, on Flickr

    Had a great time, nice peaceful, thought collecting me time. Back home now planning the next trip.

    Experience learnt:
    Bike wobbles a lot when loaded, small gentle movements required
    Cheap carbon forks FLEX like mad – very off putting – looking to re-fit originals
    Need a better sleep mat, my Tesco self inflating one is bulky, not comfy and slippery once in sleeping bag
    Don’t bother cooking food by heating in boiling water, just empty and heat through
    Home made wood stove aren’t all that – gas is easier
    Need a better cooking pot set
    Need to mount dry bags better on handlebars – thinking of making some kind of bracket / platform for them to attach too as they either rubbed my hands or hit my knees when climbing out of the saddle
    Alpkit is great for the money
    Highlander tent is great, easy to put up, lightweight, fits easily into the Alpkit dry bag (larger double opening one)

    Looking forward to the next one….


    What’s the tent?

    Highlander Jura 2

    Nice one!
    Hope the bottle of wine matched the giant corkscrew in the first pic 😀

    Which campsite is it?
    I’m looking to be down there with tent and bike in week or so.

    The camp site was this one:

    The giant ‘cork screw’ is a ground anchor for a dog lead, however you can screw it into the ground and lock your bike to it if you don’t have a solid object to lock it too. Not the most secure way but another hurdle should someone try it on in the middle of the night!!!

    Thanks fella. Useful info.
    Nice idea with the ground anchor!


    Looks like you had fun. As others have said less is more. You’re carrying less so the cycling is easier and its quite eye opening how little you can get by with. It takes a few outings to get your kit sorted, but IMO =

    Lose the ground anchor
    Lose the stove top espresso and double up on instant coffee
    Alpkit M<yti mug is fine for everything cooking needed, just needs a bit of forethought sometimes. Or a small collapsible plate / bowl gives a bit more versatility. A small stove (vango do a cheap folding one) and small gas canister will fit inside it.
    Only the sleeping bag needs to go in a drybag.
    Real porridge saves packaging.
    The trainers are a nice luxury. If only out for a night or 2 you can go without. Otherwise dectahlon do some neoprene canyoning shoes that are basically pumps for evening wear. I’ve done 10 days in Britain with flip-flops as my alternative footwear.
    Stick some tyres with side knobs on (Conti Travel contacts for instance) so if you see a nice trail you can have a look see where it takes you.
    Lose the deo, or use a roll-on.

    IME on multi-day trips a set of evening wear is nice to have, but not necessary. A pair of shorts and a none stinky top and jumper should be fine. Its these trips where Merino comes in to its own.

    Pieface that is a nice stove!

    The clothes, trainers and deo were ‘extras’ as I was walking / visiting family in Charmouth.

    I also have a cross bike which I think I will use next time, just need to get a decent rack for that one, then any off road tracks can also be explored!


    Got that stove – it’s ace and costs peanuts.

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