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  • Films where a remake wouldn't be totally sacrilegious
  • Demon Seed.


    The Chinese movie ‘warriors of zu mountain’ from 1983.

    Or they could cgi-out the obvious wires.

    There seems to be a sequel with a way bigger special effects budget. Well trippy!


    Jack Reacher remade using an actor who is actually 6ft 4 not 5ft and a bit pretending to be 6 ft 4 .

    Who would you cast? The Stath maybe?


    Ramsey Neil – Member

    @jimjam. If you make a film named after a character from a series ]of books who’s large size is his defining characteristic then surely you should get somebody of similar size to play him . Otherwise they may as well re-make King Kong but just use a chimpanzee .

    Just to be clear I didn’t really like the film, but it wasn’t because Tom Cruise is short. It’s well established in the books that Reacher is tall but that is just one physical attribute, something you can’t finance a film franchise or market a film on.

    As well as his height, Reacher of the books has a myriad of habits and character traits, the way he dresses, the way he moves, what he eats and drinks, his tenacity, sense of morality……and so on.

    A taller actor would not have made “Jack Reacher” a better film. More thorough character development and world building would have though.


    Who would you cast? The Stath maybe?

    Well apparently it has to be someone 6’5, 250lbs, 50 years old with a face carved out of granite, 50inch chest, a broken nose and hands the size of dinner plates. Oh and abs like a cobbled street.

    (acting ability optional).

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    DezB – Member
    Oh dear, I’ve upset the want-it-too-still-be-the-80s saddos with my questioning their taste
    Not upset, Dez. Just disappointed…

    I’m with you Dez. I always figured that after the credits rolled Cameron’s dad came home and beat him to death for damaging the car. Bueller wouldn’t care though, the smarmy sociopath 🙂

    Alien v. Predators 2

    Fantastic film, but they put some really dark filter on the camera lens, making it hard to appreciate the gore.

    Ironically, a similar filter must have been used on the sequel to marvels ‘thor’ film. A dark film, but for the wrong reason.

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    The new point break is freakin’ awesome.

    It maybe better than most feared but it’s not a remake – just another film with a different story also called Point Break.


    ^ most films involving Sting could be improved by a remake without him. […], Brimstone & Treacle, […]

    Mebbe, but Suzanna Hamilton is a bit old to be doing that part now, and B&S wouldn’t be the same without her.

    The Last Starfighter
    The last Airbender

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    Ghostbusters……new one was Sh@te nothing to with it being a cast of women it was just awful!

    Alien 3

    Make it a proper unapologetic adult film. Unrelentingly brutal, dark, ugly and claustrophobic. Playing on the fragile peace amongst the inmates and the opportunism when chaos rules. The ingenuity employed in increasingly desperate and hopeless situations, with no weapons no hope of rescue and being surrounded by psychopathic murders and rapists. It would be beautiful.


    The cockleshell heroes.

    It’s a great story. The film is let down by a cheesiness (particularly pre mission) and a clear lack of budget. the night bits a clearly filmed by day, and the contrast is then turned down.

    Although one of the things i like is the lack of action. (it is a covert mission after all). I think if it was remade it’d be ‘over-actioned’.


    How about ‘The French connection’.


    Highlander, with a scottish actor to play the highlander, and proper effects

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    hols2 – Member

    If you had a huge, physically intimidating ex soldier/badass who is going to challenge him? Who would want to fight him?

    Ah Joe Pesci the slightly tubby 5′ 4″ actor playing Tommy DeVito, based on Tommy DeSimone the hulking 6′ 2″ 100Kgs Mob Enforcer and Hitman – it’ll never work.

    I’ve read bits of the Reacher books, the author reminded me of Shaun Ryder when he wrote for the Sport, he’s list their heights where most writers would list their ages just for a laugh. He seemed as obsessed with height as much as Tom Clancy and Gene Roddenberry seem obsessed with obscure military protocol and rules, bunch of Rimmers both of them.

    personally I’m fed up with all the re-makes reboots , sequels, prequels , there must be a germ of a new idea someplace that can be developed rather than just rehashing the same old stuff.Sometimes, as with Prometheus the prequel is so bad it devalues the original .

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