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  • Premier Icon jam bo

    loads of drugs.

    nothing of any value.


    Bog roll


    which are you going to?

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    5 grams of mozam and 20 jeff mills is my recommendation


    Take :
    Sense of humour
    More Money
    Common Sense
    Some more money, just to be on the safe side
    All the obvious boring shite – tent, sleeping bag, etc
    Oh aye, and some money

    Leave at home:
    Anything you can’t be parted from (apart from the money, natch!)
    All thoughts of hygiene
    Bad Attitude
    Drugs (They don’t work, apparently)


    first time, wow, dont over plan it

    jambo has it, take nothing you cant afford to lose.


    I’m off to Roskilde in Denmark. An amazing line up this year!


    Waterproofs, head torch, bong, not necessarily in that order…

    Premier Icon alexpalacefan

    Been to more festivals than I can remember, 8 last year! Good waterproof trousers are VITAL. If it gets wet and you can’t sit down for three days that rather spoils it. Also waterproof walking boots not wellies, they’re no good for a three day slog.

    But you also want a sun-hat and sun-cream, get a nice strong one as youmight become “confused” and forget to re-apply :o)

    Have a wicked time, and don’t try and see too many acts, often the best are those you just stumble upon,



    you want a Selk Bag…

    a sleeping bag that is worn like a suit so you can lie down and fall asleep anywhere without having to worry about finding the way back to your tent.




    So its not long till I will be going to my first ever festival.

    Any tips, advice? Ideas on what to take with me and what not to take would be appreciated as well 🙂


    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    bog roll
    baby wipes
    sun cream
    tooth brush
    good boots
    sleeping bag
    hand wash

    that is all

    Premier Icon nickc

    As far as seeing acts goes, think Tapas, rather than Pizza Hut salad bar, if you see what I mean…

    Earplugs . For between 3am and 9am

    Alcohol gel for your hands

    Bananas and carby energy bars

    Hide your cash / stash / booze when you are not in your tent

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Sleep with your trousers, wallet, anything of value at the end of the tent away from the door.

    Camp on high ground.

    Going back a bit here… best bogs at Glastonbury are near the farm house. Less scum up there too because that is where the police are based.

    Get there as early as you can. We used to arrive on Wednesday night.

    Premier Icon DavidB



    OK I’m starting to understand that drugs are an important thing, not really my thing though.

    Anything I should definitely avoid taking? Should I bother taking food and a way to cook it or just live off junk food?

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    I generally don’t eat at festivals or else you have to use the toilets.

    Not nice


    I was at Roskilde a couple of years ago and it’s by far the best organised festival ever! It is completely different from any british festival, there are proper toilets installed and the food is amazing (and Im a really picky eater)They have huge canteens providing well made food at a resonable price none of the usual rubber burgers you get in the UK. In the campsite you can buy crates of beer (people take little sack trollies to drag multiple crates) and in the festival area itself you get the usual beer in plastic cups, you pay a deposit for the bottles and cups which everyone saves and gets free beer at the end of the night. From what I can remember you can get a cold shower for free but you have to pay for a hot one! There were 9 deaths (i think) quite a few years ago and ever since they have been quite strict about crushing so be prepared to queue to get to the front. When I was there James Hetfield asked everone to take three stps backwards and it was amaazing to see everyine move! On the last night of the gig everyone packs up (except for their tent which is put on fire) and heads home as there are trains and buses all trough the night. The site even has its own train station! The whole site is vast and you could literlly stay in the campsite and have a blast without even entering the festival area.

    So in general don’t worry about food as you can get good food there, dont take a decent tent as it will go on fire and take lots of money!

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