Fell Off. Skin gone. Recovery tips.

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  • Fell Off. Skin gone. Recovery tips.
  • I had a bath – it wasn’t that bad, no where near as bad as washing the grit out after it happened. I also spent a big portion of today picking at the scab, that will entertain me for weeks to come.

    It looks like you have covered it with gravy granules. 🙄


    Hills, it’s good to have you a wee while ahead on the recovery boat.

    My job prevents me from sitting down so bath, drugs, convalescence tonight.

    Looks manky.

    Edit: btw, never did go to minor injuries. Oh well.


    Used Tegaderm for 5 days. Looks ok.

    Had to use dry dressings over the weekend, couldn’t get to the pharmacy.

    Have melolin ones now.

    I have been a miserable bastard this week.

    Only Adam Brayton has helped me gain perspective.

    Cheer me up.

    Restoration is well underway, was out with my New Troy Lee 5045 knee/shin pads last night. No worries.
    Skin now just looks flakier than an accident in the Kellogs depot!


    My very, very old Fox shorts were due replacing, I was about to buy exact replacements until this happened.

    However, I’m now getting 3/4 ones. One Industries probably.

    Calf is fine, it’s the knee.

    Pumice, or not pumice?


    Pure natural aloe vera.


Viewing 7 posts - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)

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