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  • Fed up of offensive ‘ Gay / Jay’ comments being acceptable on this forum
  • Houns

    Lol @ “Token”

    Oh dear. Sweety, I’m sure your heart’s in the right place, but …….. All you’re doing is coming across as patronizing and condecending,

    LOL ! Excellent CountZero !


    You will never stop lively banter

    Yeah, but this is what *all* bigots, misogynists and **** always say about abusive and derogatory language: “fackin’ell, darlin/midnight/spacker/whatever, can’t you take a fackin joke, it’s just a laff, innit? Jesus, they’re so fackin touchy, aren’t they?”. It’s hardly a convincing argument.

    Fwiw, I tend to see “jey” as actually rather anti-homophobic because it ridicules the childishness of homophobes’ attitudes, whereas “gay” (meaning pathetic) is just tedious and annoying. I mean, Chris Moyles says it. How naff must it be?


    TBH I’ve never once seen Jey as meaning gay. That last people I knew that used the term “gay” in a derogatory sense were 16, fortunately. Maybe I only mix with sensible people?

    Anyway, gay was a good thing until the homosexuals took it. I’m takin it back!


    Nicked from another Bike site, contains obscene language, dont read if youre easily offended or straight.

    (I’m not easily offended but Homophobic stereotyping moronic comments like yours will be removed)

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    As one of the few girlies on STW, I would say that the forum has become a much nicer place. There is less angst and fortunately the “back doors” comments have disappeared as those were quite offensive.

    If one uses a forum then one needs to lighten up. I have met a whole load of really nice folk from here, you just have to accept that there will always be light-hearted banter.

    Premier Icon Mr Agreeable

    Chris Moyles and Thumbhead – separated at birth.


    We went through this a couple of months back and the response was a bit more reasoned.. We seem to have regressed..


    Here is my highlight from that thread..

    As someone with a bit of experience in this area – i.e. being gay myself:

    Yes words change. In the gay ‘world’ (for want of a better phrase) terms like poof, queer, gay etc. all mean slightly different things. Queer is usually someone quite political (e.g. Tatchell), poof is more of a knockabout term meaning quite camp and ‘gay’ is a generic noun for people of my sexuality.

    Now to start getting peoples hackles up. My partner (unfortunately now redundant) used to work in an office where *every*day* X would be ‘gay’, Y would be ‘gay’, Z would be ‘gay’. CONSTANTLY. He was scared *SH!TLESS* to come out as he thought he would lose his job. Yes I know it is now illegal but we know if a company wants you out, they’ll kick you out somehow. This is right for stupid people is it? “We can use the 19th century version of this if we like hahaha, it doesn’t matter.’ Grow up, you’re acting like Alf Garnett.

    Secondly if you want to know if a word is offensive to anyone, choose another word in its place. Anything, for example, christian, muslim, black, indian, londoner, welsh, scots, irish, whatever. If you think that someone might get pissed off you comparing them to being rubbish all the while and would therefore consider you to have something against them perhaps they have a point.

    But then again, people who say things like this wouldn’t like it to be used against them, would they?

    Yes it is minor, yes Chris Moyles acted soft (but then again he is a complete idiot and totally unfunny) and I can’t be asked about that slip-up but if someone says “Hold on a sec, please don’t do that, it ain’t nice” and all someone can do is continue and use any old jaded arguments about what words used to mean then you’re not really a thoughtful decent person then, aren’t you?

    And yes, if people start on the forums shouting that something is ‘so gay’ meaning rubbish, I’ll be around to challenge. I’m not rubbish. I’m <stereotypical> fabulous </stereotypical>


    Yet another post re: gay. Make way for someone who gets a lot of abuse regarding this…

    To be honest I see these threads popping up now and then and I see the point of the OP with the following:

    1. To those t*ssers who answer people with “This thread is gay!” – seriously – grow up. You sound like a fat spotty 14 year old boy who lives his life in his bedroom doing nothing but w*nking over page three girls. And has a bike that costs £5k but can’t use it.

    2. To those idiots to say “Ah yes, but we’ve cunningly mis-spelled the word so it no longer says ‘gay’ so we can make whatever we want out of it, nudge, nudge, wink, wink’. ‘Ghey’. ‘Jay’. Get real. You sound like someone who is six months older than the person in (1). With less charisma.

    I still don’t understand why people keep saying things are ‘gay’ in a negative way. They seem to think it is a bad thing. I can assure you that it isn’t. Wouldn’t be any other way. You get dress sense*, an uncanny ability with soft furnishings* and – most important this – I can get away with things with my female companions that straight men would die for**. Talk about boobs? No problem. Talk about sex? No problem.

    Seriously – why would you think that being gay was negative?

    * – may not be 100% true
    ** – is very definitely 100% true


    Put it this way, a gay couple who live across the road from me – would I use the term ‘gay’ in their presence to describe something feeble or not very good, no I certainly wouldn’t. If my son did then I would be deeply embarrassed. I honestly don’t think it’s acceptable.

    As for gay people saying it, well that’s the whole ‘nigger’ thing – inclusion/exclusion and all that.


    Sounds like someone scored highly on the How gay are you test…

    You sound like someone who is six months older than the person in (1). With less charisma.

    Is it cause I is hetero ?


    IN reply to enfht if i’m this apparent gaylord-what ever does this wrod mean?Im completely straight i have a girlfriend and i gave the two reasons for wearing baggies there is another…old men trying to look hip and cool wearing skater shoes and riding with flats..This look DOESN’T mske you younger merely sadder.
    I think that if your actually gay thenyour not really going to care about what people say.
    off topic but does shaving your legs mean your gay??? 😈


    FFS, get a life people. People use terms that they perhaps shouldn’t; people use terms that may be deemed offensive to some other people. Personally I swear copiously – it gets me through particularly troublesome points when simple ‘cor blimey’ won’t do; it may offend people so I try to keep it to myself.

    Personally, I’ve decided that I find the word ‘fork’ offensive to my sensibilities – you may not know but I injured myself on a fork when I was a child and am now very sensitive about it. So if you say fork in a thread then you’re offending me.
    Oh, you don’t like that? Because fork means something completely different to you? Funny that. Personally I have always known ‘jey’ to mean uber-keen cross-country type who’s much faster than me on a bike. If you interpret my using ‘jey’ as some kind of insult, then my apologies – I have never used it to denigrate.. Unfortunately I won’t be changing the way I think to take that into account. On the other hand, I realise that ‘gay’ as a derogatory term is not on.


    I’ve tried writing to Chipps in the past to complain about the inappropriate use of the term gay but i suspect the owners/moderators are too frightened to upset their majority audience (heterosexual males) by challenging the use of the word or any of the attitudes displayed here.


    ernie_lynch – Member
    You sound like someone who is six months older than the person in (1). With less charisma.

    Is it cause I is hetero?

    No, I think it’s because you sound like an idiot.


    XC Jayboy was a sticker MBUK gave away about 67 years ago and I think its stems from that. When someone calls something gay/ghey/jay/jey I don’t interpret that as being derogatory to Homosexual people but I’m sure it stems from this. Being fairly young (22) I grew up with people calling things gay and we were sat down in an English lesson (16 at the time) and asked why we did it and no one made a link between calling something gay and it being homosexual.

    After all its just a word that is used for homosexual people and is now used to describe things that aren’t cool.

    I’m not saying its right and I am sure it does offend / intimidate some people.


    After all its just a word that is used for homosexual people and is now used to describe things that aren’t cool.

    Why though?

    Anyway when I was at school we used the term ‘spastic’, ‘flid’, etc – is that still acceptable?

    Premier Icon Mr Agreeable

    no one made a link between calling something gay and it being homosexual.

    That was very honest of you all. 🙄

    Premier Icon Shandy

    I’m fed up with all the hand wringing.


    We have a gay rider within one of our groups, if he messes up on the bike I’ll say ‘how ****ing gay are you’ he has no problem with that at all, even uses the term himself.
    So does that make it 1 – 1?
    It’s a different use of the word.
    This has made me aware that it’s constant use could be causing offence.
    Though there is always going to be a need for a term in general banter that mocks another mans manner, jey seems bob on.

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