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  • Favourite Supermarket?
  • lambchop
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    Grew up as a child being perambulated in a trolley at Sainsbury’s, earliest memories etc. My Mum now 87, still shops online there (with help from my sister). My wife does the main shop at Tesco. I hate it in there, don’t really know why. If and when we go to Tesco together I just feel numb.

    On the other hand Lidl I love, I pop in a couple of times a week on my way home from work to pick up essentials. Maybe it’s the middle of Lidl I like? Always feels chill, even when busy.

    Question is why do you shop at the supermarket you do. Is it family tradition, convenience, preference?

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    Mainly Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s as they are the most convenient. Don’t mind a Tesco but never really use Asda.
    I expect all the Waitrose luvvies will be along shortly, followed by the ‘support your local independent’ types.

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    Love Lidl bakery, like an Aldi shop as it seems they copy what’s popular at m&s and make a much cheaper version and the fact there is limited choice means it makes it quite a quick convenient shop for me.

    Sainsbury’s is my closest supermarket so convenient to pick up the odd items, not very fond tbh, bakery has been massively reduced which used to be their highlight and find their prices much higher than the competition.

    Used Ocado for convenience for a good while but cost 40% more than an Aldi shop so couldn’t justify the extra in the end.

    Not been in an Asda for years.

    Tesco, I like their lunch meals but never like the layout so not done a full shop there in the last 10 years.

    Morrison’s are definitely my favourite, good Value and love the market feel and really good prices. Great bakery, veg, fish, meat, gets my vote.

    My shopping preference is convenience/layout, good food and good value

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    Aldi and Waitrose for me.

    Hate Morrisons and Asda, put up with Sainsbury’s, Tesco is ok

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    Waitrose. Convenient (just up the road), pleasant to be in (the chavs are in Adsa, Tesco, Sainsbury), good quality produce. If it was a bit closer then I would go to Booths.

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    Tesco for me as they have a mega store nearby … 😀

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    We split our weekly shop between Aldi and Morrisons as they’re both good quality & prices, and directly opposite each other on the road.

    Used to use ASDA a lot but not been in for years however my local correspondent tells me it’s like a half empty zombie apocalypse these days*.

    *His words not mine.

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    I’ll be honest and say none of them. Not actually set foot in one for ages. Mrs F does the weekly shop from Tesco and gets it delivered. I wouldn’t be at all bothered if the food came from elsewhere as long as the bill was similar:

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    Aldi and Lidl.

    The rest are overpriced, for fools that are brand obsessed.

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    If you’re an ingredients/origin-reading nerd like I am, you’ll realise that their products are better quality, less packed with salt and sugar, and in every way selling better quality food than most supermarkets.

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    Aldi, with a side of Waitrose for the odd bit.
    I do the weekly shop with my cargo bike which means no car park madness either.

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    We have Lidl and Aldi as our locals.

    Both good but the Lidl edges it as the staff are more chatty.

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    Aldi but lidl has the better bakery.

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    Lidl. Because there aren’t any staff trying to be helpful. A lot quicker to get through the checkout, without chatting to anyone.

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    Local shops for veg, meat, bread. Waitrose for tins, jars, cheese, cured meats, treats (as well as the free newspaper and free coffee natch). Sainsburys deliver bog roll, bottled stuff and frozen stuff.

    And occasionally drop in to aldi for random household bargains and chorizo.

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    Is it family tradition, convenience, preference?

    Family tradition? Immediate or Maternal? Immediate, yep we both shop there. Maternal? Nope, my mother shops in many places and they don’t have a Waitrose in deepest Norfolk.

    Convenience? Yeah, it’s about 10mins away. Has a carpark, trollies, people who gather up the trollies from the other Shops (Iceland/Butchers/Pharma) I can order stuff online and get it delivered there too.

    Preference? Yeah, it fits my world where you can pop in and buy stuff I like and its laid out in a manner that is easy to navigate, doesn’t clutter up the Isles with crap, it sells stuff I like and hardly any crap I don’t. What does annoy me ATM is their idiotic change from a cold meat counter and changed it into a Deli. This means all the meat stuff you buy is now pre-packaged in plastic crap and the olives and antipasti is open to the unwashed sneezing and handling the stuff…

    We have a massive Tesco about 20mins away, a massive M&S & Sainsburys 25mins away.. it’s like a walking dead hell when you enter either of those. People seem to walk around in some trance or just attend because they’re bored with life and all look down in the mouth.

    Lidl and Aldi are about 35 mins away and I’ve been in Lidl once and bought a drill bench, it was ok but not my kind of place.

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    Leader Price and Lidl. Leader when I’m in a French/Spanish mood and Lidl when I fancy things more German.

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    I live within 5 minutes of a Tesco Extra, a Morrisons ( which used to be Safeway when I worked in it), Aldi, Lidl and Asda.

    We shop in all of them ( in store and online if available) depending on which stuff we  need to buy or whover has the best bargains on.

    I prefer Morrisons for the nostalgia if i’m entirely honest.

    My favourite supermarket is Tesco in St Ives / Carbis Bay. Just for the views from the front door.

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    Sainsburys and Lidl (aldi aren’t in NI). Sainsburys is a bit more expensive but I like the store (amazing staff) and i like their home stuff.

    Tescos is horrendous, constantly rammed with people and despite having huge stores, it’s still a squeeze to walk through.

    Asda – the stores here are worn down and filthy. Plus they do odd sized things and mask it with lowish prices

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    I only shop at the local farmers’ market and transport my purchases home on my bamboo cargo bike. The rest of you are destroying the world.


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    Booths in Ulverston; I tried to buy 5 bottles of beer and the beer area chap insisted on carrying all 5 to the checkout for me.

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    The one that is 2 miles away rather than the next nearest 14 miles away. Can’t imagine what my reasons are.

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    We have 3 supermarkets within walking distance. Aldi, Morrisons and Tesco.

    I only ever go to Tesco if I’m nipping in for the odd thing. It’s handy as it’s always absolutely empty. Because it’s shit. It can’t make a profit. Aldi and Morrisons are always mobbed.

    Crikey – I did quite a bit of design work for Booths a few years back. It’s still a family run business and they’re wonderful to work for. They really value their staff and take customer service very seriously. It was a fantastic place to work

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    The only supermarket I go in on my own is Iceland (staff are the friendliest).
    Booths with hubby (only when we’re on holiday as there isn’t one near us).
    Normally all the food is bought from independent shops. Shopping like this makes sure the food is fresher and there is very little waste.

    Although hubby does go into Aldi and has done for years.

    As to my favourite, its’ probably Booths.

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    Can’t really say any supermarket is a favourite. It’s always a balance between cost, quality and convenience. For me it’s a mix: Aldi for day to day stuff, Morrisons for beer (have a great range), Tesco for branded stuff we like that Aldi doesn’t have purely because it’s more local, but for quality meat I use the local butcher. The money I save at Aldi funds better quality meat than any supermarket can supply.

    I love a French supermarket though.

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    Fortnum & Mason but one refers to it as an emporium, not a supermarket; such a truly ghastly term.

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    I expect all the Waitrose luvvies will be along shortly, followed by the ‘support your local independent’ types.

    Ah yes, that’ll be me. Waitrose once every 3-4 weeks for the non-perishables and 20% off fishy Fridays to stock the freezer. Other than that it’s local greengrocer, baker and butcher.

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    I’m a supermarket slag. I’ll go to any of them depending on where’s easiest.

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    I love foreign supermarkets, especially the Mercadona in Calla Millor.
    Mainly for the fish counter and it’s proximity to a chicken shop my uncle loved. Plus I love a Spanish snacketta.

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    26 replies and only one person calling it “Tescos”. Good work STW.

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    Lidl is a personal favourite, as we have always managed to find one wherever we have visited on holiday, and it has become our “local” on each occasion. I am also like a kid when it comes to the centre aisle displays.

    I like the “feel” of Morrisons, as I think the yellow, green, and natural wood motif makes for a nice atmosphere, but there are none nearby so we never really use it.

    Ultimately, there is a Tesco Extra right around the corner from us, and that has long been our default – whether in person, or ordering our weekly shop.

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    Absolutely Aldi. Just feel like I’m being ripped off whenever I am in Tescos now.

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    We’re half Aldi / half Tesco. Have had to buy special dark glasses to stop Tesco lighting giving me migraines though. I feel like a Bono tribute act…

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    Lidl, Sainsbury’s & Waitrose in that order of preference…use to just be Lidl & Waitrose but the rude entitled customers and unfriendly staff have put me off our local Waitrose so I’d rather just go elsewhere & pay less (I find the staff in our local Lidl & Sainsbury’s pretty friendly)

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    whoever gives us the most vouchers for an online shop

    Lidl for things like brown rice/tinned fish/oats/coffee beans/dishwasher tabs etc
    Waitrose for some like pesto/mayo/Peanut butter
    Sainsburys for one type of bread (i know, i know)
    home bargains for things like dried fruit and beer cans when they’ve something interesting
    butcher for meat

    other than that, really does depend on what’s on offer where. As we’ve tried so many, the family have some [unreasonable?] preferences for some items, but apart from that? It’s all the same with a different label

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    Mahoosive storecupboard shop in Aldi and or Lidl every month or so, then weekly Tesco online deliveries. Best balance of minimal faff decent food and value, for us.

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    I can’t go to lidl because the bakery will make me die of obesity.

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    Booths in Ulverston… because Barrow-in-Furness is too far away to be bothered (and it is also Barrow). Or Morrisons/Sainsburys if I am over Kendal way.

    I am not too much of a snob about these things though so will be quite happy with whatever is wherever we land next!

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