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    hmm, I hear they're quite heavy


    well the best is clearly a pub stop in the evening, then on to your bivvy spot. Circumstances not allowing that then I go with normal camping food – pasta, nice sauce etc. not much on pre-packaged stuff. For a short one you don't need to worry about things going off and you don't need to worry about weight, and you have time to cook when you're there, so why not make something decent?

    Pretty much as the title says, what is yours and why 🙂

    I'll start:

    Alynson Taylors Chilli Con Carne-very tasty pre cooked "all natural" chilli, just needs warming up.

    Uncle Ben's pre steamed rice-tastes like rice and cooks in two mins 😀 😀


    Army 24 hour ration packs, lots of menus, about 4500 calories in a 24 hour pack so you can make it last a couple days of adventure and cheap as hell £12.00 for a 24 hour pack


    Pre-cooked so just need heating up if want a warm meal otherwise just eat them. To be honest if you're taking a stove you are just not getting the whole ultralight travel fast Bivvy ethos.

    if you're really going to get your bivy mojo on then read "the book of Bivy" by Ronald Turnbull.

    I am a dirty Bivvy Troll who like living in a bag

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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