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    So i have a fiancé and 2 kids (4&6) the last few weeks she has started being very distant and then this week all we have done is argue and she tells me to leave but i pay for the rent etc as she only works a few hours so i can’t exactly just walk away…

    Then tonight she finishes work at 10 it gets to half 10 and she isn’t home so i text her asking when she is coming home, no reply so at 11 i rang her, no answer l. Then another half hour goes past and she texts me she is at at a friend’s (no name mentioned) and might be home later.

    I’m not being overly sensitive for thinking this seems crazily suspicious given what has happened in the last few weeks and the fact i have caught her smiling at her phone sending messages often recently

    She used to get taxis back from work (kids in bed by then so I can’t pick her up) and the last few weeks a “friend” has been giving her a lift…

    So please stw tell me am i rightfully suspicious?

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