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    I know these can’t be frozen but I like a nice stir fry. Bung into the wok whatever veggies or meat you have and cook with either rice or noodles.

    Sausage casserole: Fry decent quality sausages, cover with a tin of chopped tomatoes, dried herbs (garlic if they like it). Meanwhile cook some spuds, mash them and stick the sausages with the tomato sauce into an oven proof dish, top with the mash and plenty of cheese, cook in the oven until cheese is golden brown.

    We always played a game with veg soup when my nephew was little. He had to guess all the types of veg he was eating (I always cut them up into large pieces), anything up to 8 types. It was the only way I could get him to eat it.

    I also make easy barbecue sauce with chicken, onions and garlic, which all goes into the oven for a quick meal. Can be eaten with rice (that I hide veg in) or pasta.

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    Wants sausages now -like right now :(. It’s on the list of things we stock up on when back in uk

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    There’s a win there for nobeerinthefridge.

    Sorry to to stick to your recipe 100%, but I fancied lamb sausages, so this one has rosemary rather than thyme in it and I have no rocket so fried up some leeks instead.

    Went down very well with the two bottomless pits that are my sons.

    Chicken pices with skin on and bones etc. In oven dish with onions whole garlic cloves smoked paprika and chorizo, bang in oven and cook. Add bkack olives near the end if you have some. Serve with spuds and brocolli or whatever.
    Or onions, weated with garlic some risotto rice white wine, chicken stock, oregano, tin of chopped toms and some to puree add in some browned off chicken pieces and bang in oven.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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