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  • yossarian

    She was about to cook 36 yorkshires for 5 people

    that has given me a semi

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    How big were these Yorkshire Puddings?

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    In our household treats are only given to the children after eating sensibly for the entire day.
    However I am amazed that the households we visit just hand over sweets and chocolate willy nilly. I have before now shouted across a room ‘No’. It’s more about looking after teeth than diet if they are active.

    When my father was a child he would have Yorkshire puds filled with syrup for pudding.


    As a kid I used to regularly come home from school and scoff a bowl of weetabix smothered in sugar before I had my dinner.

    That didn’t make me fat.

    Too true.

    No point getting uppity about it, it’s only once a year!
    Otherwise you risk sounding like a staunch teetotaller who glares with disdain when someone sips a small sherry.

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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