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  • Family car needed, but which one?
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    I’ve posted several times on the s-max. We had one, got rid of it and regretted it immediately. Now looking for another. Really are very good cars. Think Mondeo but with more space.

    My dad drives a Mondeo with same engine / age / spec etc as our now departed s-max. Feels slightly more sporty but not got the space that we need for a family. I see no reason to chose Mondeo over s-max in your situation.

    I think it was Clarkson who described the s-max as the only people carrier that you would want to own.

    We are soon to buy a family car and have test drove a few.

    Skoda VRS estate was my first choice but Mrs MM didn’t like it, we were unimpressed with a Volve V60 so the choice has come down to a Ford Mondeo Estate or S Max.

    We looking at the Diesel Titanium 163bhp. Drove the Mondeo last week and we both really like it. Stable, quite and plenty of torque. We are test driving the equivalent S Max this weekend.

    I know we need to drive the S Max before we make up our mind but what are your real would experiences, both good and bad of them?

    Fully loaded we will have two young kids, dog, all the gear and a bike too if possible.


    I’ve just gone from a Mazda 6 estate to a smax and am not regretting it one bit!

    Will post some pics and my full thoughts shortly!

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    I had a Titanium Mondeo (hatch) for four years. Awesome car, can’t fault it. Proper motorway muncher. Only reason I didn’t get another is I fancied a change, but it was a close run thing.


    Right, I have just bought this……………

    Its a 2010 “10 plate” facelift 2.0 petrol ecoboost titanium with powershift gearbox.

    Also has a few options..

    X pack
    power seats
    touchscreen nav
    blindspot monitoring.

    So far (had it 2 weeks now) I cant fault it.

    We had a Mazda 6 sport estate before and I thought that had a big boot, but when the dog was in the back it didnt leave much room for luggage and I didnt really want to fit a roof box either.

    Compared tot he Mazda the smax is beeter in nearly every respect, I say nearly as it doesnt go down a twisty back lane as well as the mazda could but if you are trying to do that in the smax then you have the wrong car. That said it will show a few boy racers a clean pair of heels.

    The space inside is well thought out, every door has a good size storage bin and there are other little hidey holes to store stuff to.

    loads of space and the good thing about it is that the middle row of seats are all independant from each other and slide forward and backward etc.

    I would go for a titanium spec as this adds tinted privacy glass as I can imagine it would get pretty warm in there without it.

    Didnt go for a diesel as wont be doing enough miles or long trips in it to justify the derv plus I would have no doubt had dpf and egr problems due to the little miles we will be doing !!

    If you want any more info or even pics please feel free to email me!

    So far Im well happy.

    One tip I do have is that make sure the one you buy has decent rubber on as Im finding the budget tyres quite noisy.



    P.S I too also have two kids and a dog !

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    Forgot, there is one fault with the x max, there is no spare tyre, not even a space saver, they rely on the sealant and pump, which is next to useless.


    Yep and also Ive found out there is no jack or wheel brace either!


    Screw the car. Thread is full of win. 😀

    Thanks all.

    We’re looking at the Titanium face lift spec and all have stated that they have Aux/ usb connections. Research suggests that the usb only comes with sat nav specs. Is this true?

    Forgot, there is one fault with the x max, there is no spare tyre, not even a space saver, they rely on the sealant and pump, which is next to useless.

    Not overly worried about this as our current car has the same set up.

    DD, Absolutely! Happy times in the MM household. A very exiting couple of month is expected. 😀 😀

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