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  • mikemorini

    Anybody done one of these events?
    Are they any good?


    Premier Icon captaindanger

    I’ve done a road one, it was good, not done the mtb. That wasn’t helpful was it.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    I hope so, I have a free entry to one of each of both types of events this year. It will be my first ever road sportive too.

    Edit: Epping Forest is my local route and I rode in the forest during last years event – just not as part of it. IMO they didn’t make the best use of the trails available, but then again, it takes a fair bit of detailed local knowledge to know them all.


    I done a few – they’re good , recommended not only as a social event but visiting new locations and learning new routes that you wouldn’t normally ride

    same as http://www.trailbreak.co.uk/index.php

    They’re both not competative events, however they are timed, so you do end trying to do the best time you can

    The evans events you can try out kit and bikes as well


    Premier Icon wwaswas

    they didn’t make the best use of the trails available

    Wiggle have the same issues – they have to stick to Public rights of way – a lot of most people’s riding is probably cheeky stuff that can’t be included.


    Did the Cannock road one last year.

    Decent enough route which I probably would have never ridden otherwise, well signed and plenty of gels etc. on offer.

    Can’t really knock it for £12.


    I used to do some mtb ones.
    They’re good if you dont know the area and you cant be bothered to put together your own route. It’s quite nice to just plough along for a few hours in a new area without having to look at a map.

    They generally try to pick the best of the bridelways in the area.

    Keep your eyes open as you go along and you could then do a day exploring the area for more fun trails while basing a ride on bits of the route that they did.

    The atmosphere was always well organised and easy going.


    Cheers for the info.
    Thinking of doing the Chieveley MTB one in a couple of weeks.



    Done it a couple of times. Good for forcing you to get out and ride, instead of prevaricating at home staring at maps choosing a route, then realising you’ve wasted so much time that it’s getting dark.

    Premier Icon Matt24k

    Generally well organised and signed although on the last one I did some one nicked the route split sign. As said above they only stick to the legal stuff. I do enjoy the fact that they are timed as it gives you a bit of encouragement.
    You can also test ride bikes and clothing if you arrange it in advance.


    well organised and not bad routes. done a couple now.


    I did one (mtb) when I moved to a new area. It was really friendly and very well organised. The route they chose was good fun and although it used legal bridleways there was plenty of enjoyable singletrack and very little road.
    The map they gave me was very nicely done (with the other routes for the day also plotted on) and even though you didnt need to use it, it was a nice keepsake.
    I found the day great to give me ideas for planning my own rides after that.


    I did the Cannock one last year even though I’ve ridden there a lot. It was some motivation to go out with a mate and I saw a lot of places I hadn’t been to before. A good day out and worth the price, just don’t go expecting something like the Dyfi.

    Did the Sutton Bank road one last year with my son. It was pretty good even though I’m no roadie. Might do next years offroad one with my lad & he’s no MTBer.
    Plenty stuff at the feed stations, well signed, goody bag at the end.
    So yes, it was good.

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