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  • European Family Holiday (inc bike) – ideas sought
  • Looking for some ideas and inspiration for a family holiday in Europe this summer. One suitably located near some great biking so I can get out and about. Either on my own using guided trails or to join a guided group or hire a guide.

    Historically my other half has been away with her family which allows me to go on biking holidays (MBMB, Bike Verbier). Our daughter arrived last October so a week or fortnight away biking isn’t going to happen this year.

    At present all I can think of is Finale Ligura, Italy or Menton, France. Both are close to the coast, near airports and the Maritime Alps. Although unsure if there’s enough there to entertain and occupy us when I’m not riding.

    Where else should I be looking? What have others in a similar position opted for?


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    Not in term time I assume? 😉


    I was thinking along the same lines as we have a 8 month old. I got as far as looking at this website and doing a day or two of guided riding around Sospel. I haven’t been with Ash before nor do I know the guy so can’t vouch for the quality of riding/guiding but it looks great from the vid. That area of france should be quite good for a general holiday as well.

    Yeah, that’s what I was thinking Gotama. Where are you staying with your family? Sospel or further afield and travelling there for the riding?


    Andora, fligh to Barcelona, rent a car, drive to Andora its a 2 hour drive. An then you have it all. Singletrack, guides, bike rental, bikeparks, beautiful nature, good hotels


    Basque country?


    Ash will probably be busy this summer to do guided rides in sospel, but agreat place and I am sure he will help you out somehow.

    I live on the Italian side….frankly there is loads to do and ride along the riviera dei fiori and the cot d’azur

    we will be based in the mountains 30 mins from the coast, but if you want any info on coastal areas, routes, places to stay etc.. drop me a line…email in profile.

    Cheers nasher, that sounds like a winner. Especially as the preference from my good lady and the in-laws was Italy. I’ll be in touch over the next few days.

    OK, I’ve been informed that Lake Garda is high on the other halfs’ and in-laws list of locations. Anyone with experience of riding in this area? Quick google and it looks like it has potential.


    issue 82 had a favourable feature on Garda…

    Indeed there is scruff, well remembered. I’ll have a read tonight.


    if you need info on Garda, get in touch, I ride there for 4-5 months every summer. I’ll be there from May to October. Best to inbox me. Cheers, Michael

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    We’re just finishing a week in Tenerife with great riding (guiding by Lavatrax), beaches, watersports, diving, whale-watching etc.. tick the boxes?

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