Ergon/Canyon leaf spring seat posts – anyone got one?

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  • Ergon/Canyon leaf spring seat posts – anyone got one?
  • Got to admit I’m curious about these, I like the design and the extra suspension effect wouldn’t go amiss on my Superfly gravel/CX franken-bike.

    I’ve seen the length stated as either 330mm or 350mm, but since there isn’t a seatpost ‘head’ as such to measure to I’m not sure what this mreans in practice, saddle rails – base of post?

    Any user reports?


    One came on my Canyon Commuter. It holds the saddle up and hasn’t broken but i’ve not tried the same bike/tyres/saddle with a rigid post to compare.

    Pretty sure I saw a comparative review of “flex” seatposts where they thought it was the best of the bunch.

    Thanks Simons

    I saw a review that said the Specialized Cobble-Gobbler ‘felt’ the most effective, would mean getting over the looks though.

    Thudbuster ST is cheaper and not actually that much heavier in the scheme of things (200g heavier than the Canyon/Ergon equivalent).

    Bit of a cheeky ask but if not inconvenient any chance you could measure the post from the base to the saddle rails? No worries if not.


    I’ve got one, it’s great! But as above nothing to compare it to on the same bike as it came on my Endurace. The whole bike is a lot more comfy than my other road bike though!
    What I will say is that yes it absorbs bumps, however for bigger ones you do still need to unweight, as it’s undamped. So if you just ignore any bumps, the bump won’t get you, but the spring up the ass effect may well do!


    I have two.
    Marked as 330mm and that is from the very end of the post to the bolt centres.
    Actual measurement from very end of post to saddle rail is 337mm
    I like them.

    Nice, much appreciated shedbrewed.

    Nasty feeling that rules it out on my CX bike but will break out the tape measure tonight. assume they must sag a little too?


    Not so much sag as rock backward slightly. I’ve not found it to be of any issue. One is on my wife’s road bike and the other is on my winter/bikepacking/touring bike and deals with me and a seat pack when needed with no issues.
    I’ve a thudbuster lt on another bike and that does sag a little in comparison.


    I’ve one on my Edurace and really like it but I wouldnt know what its like without it.
    You dont really notice it but apparently people behind you* might notice a slight bobbing up and down if they are looking for it.

    *due to my awesome power thats pretty much everyone I ride with 😉


    I’ve used one on my carbon norco hardtail. Currently have a dropper fitted and difference in comfort is massive. The carbon leaf design really takes the edge of the trail. I bought a chinese one on ebay for about £40. Only issue I had was making sure to use carbon grease between the two halves of the post to stop them slipping. Once I did that and cranked down the fixing bolt never had a problem again.

    Rats, exposed seat tube on my CX bike is 265mm from clamp to rails, meaning 65mm insert after adding on 5mm sag which I think Ergon advise.

    Definitely not enough insert to have my 85kg heft landing on it after running re-mounts!

    Thudbuster ST XL it is then, just need to find 200g weight savings somewhere to offset the extra weight!

    I had one on a Dolan Road bike for a couple of years – mainly for comfort over long rides. They work well and I’d have another in a heart beat.
    However… The frame I had it on didn’t have a cylindrical seat tube – it was carbon and flared out (aero) about 8cm below the clamp. After about 6months use I took the seat post out and noticed that the bottom 1cm had worn against the frame, not fussed about the post but it was obviously waring the frame as well. Turns out they are flexible all the way through. After that I only used it for 100mile + rides.
    So personally I’d only have another if it were in a traditionally tubed frame.


    13thfloormonk do you want me to see if I can see the minimum insertion marking?

    Thanks Shedbrewed, I’d always understood minimum insertion was a stipulation of the frame more than the seatpost?

    But yes, would be very interested to know minimum insertion of post, cheers

    What did you search for on eBay to find a Chinese copy? I’m coming up blank

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Chineseone is Tecali or something like that branded.
    Mine is ‘ok’ but has a bit of wobble in the saddle clamp bushes a bit like a knackered dropper/can’t feel it when riding but it’s there.
    Found it fine on road and light gravel track/fire road but it does need clamping quite tight to avoid slipping even with carbon paste in between the blades.
    Not mega cheap either. I’d get the genuine one if I was buying again.

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon

    The clever bit in those posts is in the material not just the shape anyway, they use basalt which has much higher hysteresis to stop them bouncing arround.

    I’ve got the older vcls1 and it’s great.


    Sorry for delay. Minimum insertion on post is 85mm.

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