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  • Rob Hilton

    Lose the reverb/belly/entire thing and get a stoopidly light, horrible to ride rigid singlespeed xc bike with carbon everything (yes, including saddle).

    Is weight really that important?

    Hob Nob

    Wheels, tyres, cassette, mech, cranks, bars.


    Stop moaning..I’d cut my right leg off to own that. It’s bloody lovely!


    Ti bolts throughout will shave off a few grams.

    Get rid of the heavy forks and uppy-downy.

    Or get some more flattering scales.

    OR as dingabell said

    Stop moaning….It’s bloody lovely!

    b r

    Swap the 36’s for something lighter, maybe 150mm Magura’s/Revs?

    Ashima rotors.

    What size is it, and weighed with pedals?

    Premier Icon tmb467

    Eat less pies

    Seriously…it’s cheaper to lose weight from you than the bike

    But if you insist…lose the reverb and put some skinny tyres on it. XTR throughout and carbon wheels.



    I’m not moaning, I do love it, it rides better than any bike I’ve had.. Just surprised at the weight as I’ve spent a wedge already. And lots of talk online of these bikes weighing 27lbs, suppose it shows you have to spec high end for every parts to achieve that.

    Realistically will look at the cranks next, but will have to wait a bit for funds..

    As above, plus….

    29lb isn’t heavy for a 6″ AM bike.

    Nice looking bit of kit though pal

    My 2004 (non-S-Works). Great D/H, but a bit of a pig uphill

    My 2008 S-Works. Great allrounder, but not quite as surefooted D/H – climbs great though!

    Something different next time though


    Sub 28 for mine but
    34 forks
    Stans arch rims revs stans hubs
    Easton havon carbon bars
    SRAM carbon cranks with bling ring hope bb
    Sworks captain tyres
    Xtr 10 speed
    Tundra saddle with ti rails

    It’s stunning and made me think it might be time to sell several of the other bikes

    Is that green one above not 2005-2005 ?


    Just weighed my enduro s works with my newly acquired digital scales and it reads 29.08lbs.

    I’m a little disappointed as was hoping it would be closer 28lb.

    Enduro S works by dan45a, on Flickr

    Fox 36 rc2 float
    Mavic crossmax st
    Avid xo brakes
    1 x 10 xt mech/slx crank
    E thirteen xcx device
    Renthal fatbar lite
    Gobi saddle
    Minion/ardent tyres

    It rides light so am very happy with it but just surprised at the figure.

    Any suggestions on how to get it lighter without spending too much more bloody money would be helpful.


    stop showing me pictures of that s-works!! πŸ™‚


    I’ll swap you for my Camber, which weighs in at 27.5lb.

    It’s a 160mm travel bike with an adjustable seat post, Minions and Fox 36s, so getting it under 30lbs is a minor miracle. Just enjoy it.

    If not then my offer stands πŸ™‚


    M5 enduro pro 2011 33.3lb XL frame.

    I’m happy with build as I went for affordable robust parts.

    Fork: Rock Shox 2013 Lyric dual position
    Wheels: Hope pro 2 on EN521 tubeless Hans Damp
    SLX cranks/ front mech
    Formula RX brakes
    Reverb post
    SRAM X9 shifters/ rear mech
    Kore Torrsion bar
    Truvative stem and saddle
    Sram pg980 cassette
    X9 SL light chain
    Time X control pedals

    I weigh over 100kg in riding gear so no carbon for me. I’m very happy with it and I’m in no hurry to upgrade anything. Everything works and works very well.

    Don’t go silly with the weight its great as it is, just enjoy riding it. Lose a few lbs from yourself by riding more, a sure way to go faster!


    will losing a lb make any difference? Doubt you’d even notice it.

    I have the alloy version, don’t give weight a second thought when picking the bits, as long as it gets me up the hill I’m happy. Comes in at a jumbo 34 lbs ish. Makes me earn my downhills πŸ™‚


    Foam grips will save 50 – 100g over lock-on grips for less than a tenner.

    As per other posts, then look at SLX cranks, Fox 36’s, handlebars.

    Fox 34’s save half a pound on 36’s, XTR cranks probably save a similar amount over SLX.

    Is that green one above not 2005-2005 ?

    Yeah, think it was – I stand corrected on my own bike 😳


    I was not trying to be rude just I’ve had 2 2004 sworks enduro and 1 2004 expert and still have a 2003 sx enduro

    Oh god now I look like an anorak
    There was a big change from 2004 model year to 2005-2007

    Didn’t think you were being rude orangeboy – might have even been an ’06 actually


    I Wouldn’t try to make it much Lighter. Seems just right to me. Too light and I find I lose stability at high speed and hitting jumps I.e cwmcarn hip jump, a light bike and a bit of wind and I get blown well of track.
    Try some tyres circa 750gs. Could drop almost a pound there. It will climb better too.

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    My 2007 S-works is a little lighter than yours OP based on VIPR & Devilles build. Yours is seriously nice though!

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    What size is yours OP? Also, the new one in 29’er flavour would be heavier with a like for like build!


    That is a beautiful bike OP! Have a poo and get on with it.


    Is the extra 453g holding you back? You must be gutted.


    Half arsed effort so far. Time to spend some real money.

    Enve bar, Light Bicycle AM rims, XX cassette, Butcher Control tires etc.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    36’s to 34’s
    XX1 or XX single ring
    Get shot of the minion
    Carbon the hell out of the rest
    Keep the mud off it
    Buy an XC bike?
    Just try riding it?

    Mind you I’m planning to get a Blur LT to that weight (ali one) but with some nice SRAM drivetrain (X9/X0) bits and less tyres but 160mm up front.

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Mine weighs in at 27.5lbs

    Dont think I would change anything


    Thanks for the comments, all appreciated…

    for some background – I’ve gone from a carbon xc/trail bike and a heavy AM/mini dh bike down to the this enduro for a 1 bike solution. I know there is always a compromise, but thats why im looking to cover all bases…

    I like to enter XC marathons as well as gravity enduros so that’s why i’m looking to get the best balance.

    Interestingly my strava time of a full loop of cwmcarn xc on the enduro (then fitted with heavier flow/pro2 hoops) is just over a minute longer than it was on my 26lb yeti asr5c. Not lots of difference, so was pretty chuffed how quickly the enduro rides. Perhaps that is why I was expecting the weight figure to be lower.

    just looking at the sram xx1 crankset, seems very good value (under Β£200) compared to XTR…. anyone tried xx1 cranks?

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    just looking at the sram xx1 crankset, seems very good value (under Β£200) compared to XTR…. anyone tried xx1 cranks?

    I think you might need to run the XX1 back end to go with it

    Hob Nob

    I think you might need to run the XX1 back end to go with it

    No you don’t.

    That said, they wouldn’t even be on my radar, even if I wanted XX1, i’d still run Shimano cranks. GXP is rubbish & if all the carbon cranksets I see out there, I see way too many broken SRAM ones.

    There are better places to save weight that the crankset initially, even if they do scream ‘budget’ on something carbon πŸ˜‰


    Guys at my LBS said it runs with shimano 10 speed chain no problem. They also said with a rear clutch mech you can get rid of the chain device due to the taller chainring teeth? sounds good though..

    Premier Icon ddmonkey

    Mine is an Alu XL with Marzocchi 55Ti’s, hope hoops with Flow rims, tubes, Renthal DH bars and a Reverb dropper, and it comes in at 32lbs. I’d be thrilled with 29lbs I don’t think its worth compromising the way it rides to get it lighter thank that. Anything under 30lb is wonderful – I don’t think I’ve ever acheived it. It takes a lot of money to get under 30lbs I think.

    That said I think I know how I could do it, Crossmax ST’s would save a lot of weight but I would want wider rims of the SLX which would reduce any possible saving, going tubeless would help too, as would replacing the SLX cranks with XTR’s and putting some lighter wide bars on, that would probably get me close. Not sure its worth it thought πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon Tracey

    This is the spec on mine


    FORK Specialized Future Shock E160TA,carbon steerer/crown

    STEM Syntace F109

    HANDLEBARS Specialized Enduro low-rise bar, uni-directional carbon

    GRIPS Specialized lock-on

    BRAKES Custom Avid XX



    SHIFT LEVERS SRAM X.0, 10-speed

    CASSETTE SRAM XX, 10-speed

    CHAINSRAM PC-1090, 10-speed

    CRANKSET SRAM X.0 Carbon, 10-speed AM double

    WHEELS Roval Traverse SL

    TYRES Specialized Clutch Control, Purgatory Control,

    SEATPOST Specialized Command Post

    SEAT Specialized Jett

    PEDALS Specialized Enduro

    Hans Dampf tyres tubeless would save you some weight. 34s might save weight too, but they’r just not 36s, are they?

    Normal Renthals are heavy things, dunno how much lighter yours are. Cassette might save a chunk too.

    TBH thogh, tyres aside, you’re into the space where shaving weight means either big bucks, or using bits that don’t really suit a 160mm bike.


    New pike would save you a 1/2 pound

    mr plow

    Tracey, I would guess your bike is closer to 28lbs 8oz with pedals.

    b r

    Still like to see some evidence of pictures/scales for these sub 28lbs Enduro’s.

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Was weighed before I bought it.

    mr plow

    Seems a pound out from bike rumour, usually the pedals that are missed:


    Premier Icon chakaping

    Swap the 36’s for something lighter, maybe 150mm Magura’s/Revs?

    Please don’t take this advice.

    Your bike is a great weight for what it is. CCDB and Reverb are not light.

    It’s never going to be an XC marathon bike, why do you only want one bike? Space limited?

    Maybe get a s/h Anthem or similar for your XC racing?

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