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  • MTB Rob

    I thought it “sends” it to there website where you can then look at on laptop/pc when online.

    You might need to sign in again on you phone, then resend info.


    should send automatically, check you have the same account on your phone and pc


    When you say sned it to your PC, you mean the phone doesn’t appear to be sending it to the website so you can view it on your PC, yes?

    You are stopping the journey on the phone aren’t you? The new app demands that you press pause and then stop before it will save the data to the website and even then, it sometimes takes a short while to update.

    Endo hasn’t logged my stats correctly for today’s ride yet, so there’s possibly a glitch at their end at the mo too?


    I’ve just used Endomondo for the first time in three years. I had an account already and set my Nokia up with the same details.
    My old HTC automatically sent the recorded info to my PC. But with this one nothing and I can’t fathom out how to transfer any saved data on the phone?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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