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  • Ending Ebay auction/s early
  • Apologies if this has been done before.

    Advertised a front mech and tyres on here, then banged them up on Ebay when it was free listing. Subsequently sold them from my original STW ad so ‘pulled’ the Ebay ads. Have just had a message from Ebay stating that they may charge me for pulling two ads in one calendar year (or in this case a week!). Is this the case? They offered the free listing, if it cost me 50p or so to advertise do they still threaten to charge me? Not really an Ebay expert, just wondered if anyone else has come across this sort of thing?


    I’ve pulled two in the past six weeks and had nothing from them.

    That makes me feel a lot better 😉


    My guess is they won’t flaunt their own rules. Read the small print.


    I’ve pulled a few in the last 6 months,never had an email regarding getting charged.


    I end loads. You got an automated email…ignore it, eBay aren’t the law.

    Just advertised some XT cranks and a Hope IBR on here, probably put them on Ebay later as (yet!) another free listing day so will see what happens if, and when, I sell them on STW.

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    Does anyone else not find it, basically, not cool? I mean, I know it’s an accepted part of ebay these days but it is cheating right?


    I find it a little annoying that every single auction I put up I get several people asking me to end it early.

    That, and why have buyers stopped leaving feedback?


    I think ebay has now put a time limit on feedback. Bloody stupid because I tend to forget and then do a load at once.

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