eeek . . .sorry, . . . what all-rounder 29er tyres (tubeless compatible)

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  • eeek . . .sorry, . . . what all-rounder 29er tyres (tubeless compatible)
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    Maxxis Ikon?

    Premier Icon zippykona

    Bonty mud. Grips like a demon and rolls better than my maxxis ignitors. Now have them on all my bikes.


    I have Maxxis Ignitors all year round. I find they’re very versatile. Mud Xs are great but definitely not as all round IMO (though for a mud tyre they’re way better in dry conditions than they have any right to be but are still a bit skinny) so interested in the comment above.

    Premier Icon dday

    +1 for the Bonty mud. Excellent, I run them on my SS.

    Premier Icon Yak

    Standard X-Kings go tubeless fine with stans fwiw. I don’t think a ust 29er X-King is out yet. They come up a little narrow for the stated width though.

    Running a racey/all-rounder hardtail

    looking to go tubeless in the not too distant future and i’m not a tyre changer so looking for something between 2.1 – 2.3 in width – 700g ish that can handle our changing uk conditions, would help if it rolls well as i cycle to work occasionally.

    been running Schwalbe

    fancy a change, some good protection would be nice

    I’ve seen the Conti x-king 29 which i like the look of but i cant see the ust version for sale anywhere?

    Any recommendations?


    If you don’t want Racing Ralph’s, get specialized Ground Controls.

    Good all rounders, grip in all bar the sloppiest mud & roll really well.

    Mud X are too harsh IMHO, not enough give for a true all rounder

    Premier Icon soulwood

    Wildcard: GEAX Gato in 2.3, voted by as the best all round tyre. Running on my Solaris and I would have to agree. Just make sure you don’t get the TNT version as they are impossible to fit to Stans rims. Went up real easy with a trackpump as well no leaking.

    thanks one and all…

    I’ve got some geax gato 2.3’s on the way, good price and great reviews…

    so will be testing them out this weekend 🙂


    Nobby nic snakeskin

    They seal amazingly well tough grippy light enough and roll well for the tread height


    Maxxis Ikon +1

    also ordered a geax sagurro for the rear, i hear that’s a good combo, so i can compare and contrast

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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