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  • cynic-al

    I’ve been engaged in a flame-a-thon on ebay about an item I sold, honestly, it’s worse than the epic battles on here in the bad old days. Normally I’m perfectly reasonable but the buyer started off by being a right **** so I’ve had some great fun pointing out his hypocrisy and dishonesty.

    Does this “happen to” anyone else?

    Yes, I am single.


    Sorry, I’m not pikey enough for Ebay

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    I bought a BB and was sent one the wrong length by someone who claims to be a shop mechanic. He has promised to send a better one FOC but I have asked for pictures first, which he hasn’t sent.

    He has not been rude but I am getting a bit peeved with him not fulfilling my request and his gRaMmAr


    okay doo you want too try it and see if you get a better chain line first, and let mee know how you gett on, thanking you dcb, and are you mechanically minded,plz jus try it first and let mee know



    it wasn’t one of your, err, “contraptions” was it? You can’t be selling that stuff to the general public!


    Kev, only I benefit from my bespoke parts 😎


    If it goes to an ebay dispute, you will loose. Regardless of circumstances, sellers always loose.


    I once sold a bike to a chap on ebay who was fine until it came to payment time. He argued about paying, tried to drop the price, claimed he’d tried but it was blocked, tried to make out I was messing him around. He got really aggressive, swearing and name calling in capitals with lots of exclamation marks.

    In the end I said fine, we’ll meet in the middle, I’ll bring the bike and you bring the money. I fully expected us to get in a fight and left a video camera running on the dash of my car when I parked up to record him smashing my head in with a pickaxe handle.

    He was incredibly meek and mild, very quiet. Barely said a word, handed the money over quietly, muttered thanks and left. 😉

    righty tighty, lefty loosey ……. 🙄


    I know matt, that’s why I’ve loved winding the **** up.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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