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  • TrekEX8

    I doubt very much you’d get charged, but turn up early; if it contains Li batteries, it’s probably going to need to be approved.
    I think you can carry it on your person or as hand baggage – but you can’t have it in your hold baggage.
    Don’t quote me on any of this, but I’d get there early just in case they’ve not seen it before!


    the 20kg covers one bag up to that weight, you can’t carry the weight over onto an additional item. You can carry two items on board but one of them is for duty free stuff bought at the airport. Or at least that’s my understanding of it.


    taxi25, I think it would be a brave airline who refused to carry a passenger because he required essential medical equipment. Brave/foolish.

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    As iolo’s points out medical equipment has it’s own category.

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    Hi folks, got a bag 17kg and paying for a 20kg allowance. I need to bring a small medical bag 2kg (cpap machine) with me and already have a cabin bag.

    Will I get charged? Or can I have two bags totalling 20kg?

    Helpline was taking too long



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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