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  • easton wheels? never again
  • markrh

    At just over a year old the (you know whats coming) free hub let go, quoted £92 for replacement from importer “though we don”t stock them, best trawl the net for that” poor service and a lot of money for what is needed, three paws and a crappy spring thing. As the title says, never again 🙁


    You’re still covered by the sale of goods act. Goods must last for a reasonable length of time. Expensive wheels should last longer than a year.

    Get back onto the importer and give them what for.

    If that doesn’t work, citizens advice/trading standards.


    Mine have been perfect….not that it helps you.

    My SLX cassette has eaten the freehub body though and CRC don’t seen to be stocking spares any more.

    Which wheels have you got?


    Have you thought about getting cranks bros ones instead?


    The Easton wheels on my 29er lasted a year. Same thing the spring and pawls. Complained to Easton and to be fair they sent me some replacement kits both from the UK and the USA.
    But my joy was short lived as the whole rear hub was basically knackered.

    So I bought myself some superstar wheels and went tubeless. So far so good.

    Easton wheels, never again.

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    Lol at Rorschach

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    Is there a fix for the easton hub problems now? They were known about years ago and supposedly fixed on later models, but can the fix be retro-fitted to older hubs?

    They are doing the havens on crc really cheap, but I would be worried if it is the old dodgey stock being cleared.


    I had the upgrade on my Havens, as long as your hub says M1 it fits.



    Nothing wrong with these free wheels/hubs. Ridden mine everywhere uplifts, mega bad been absolutely fine. Blah blah blah. Until the free hub broke last weekend, ha not a problem quick strip, clean and rebuild and it’ll be fine. Erm nope still knackered, strip again…. Still broken. Replacement purchased. New view, they are shite 3 tiny pawls and shite spring.


    Crank bros option is very funny, thanks for that, made me smile.
    it is a real shame though cos’ they are in really good condition and other than the freehub are great wheels, will have a look to see if the upgrade fits mine, thanks for the link kuco

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