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  • ontor

    Any recommendations/comments/thoughts?

    Now I’ve given up waiting for the lights I ordered a month ago /sigh I’m thinking about the possibilities of running the USE system as replacement for my venerable vision 2 setup.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    I have a Revo here with an SP hub. If I could only decide on what rim to fit, I would be in a position to give you some feedback!

    Premier Icon funkynick

    I’ve got a Revo with the SP hub and it’s pretty much spot on really, the only downside can be if you are a little unfit and slow going up hill as you can find that you are riding with a light that is getting dimmer and dimmer… so it’s some encouragement to get up those hills!

    Oh, and while it does have a standby light, I do prefer to take some kind of other torch out with me just to use if fixing punctures etc… but just a small headtorch is enough for that.

    And scotroutes, I put mine into a WTB Frequency i25 rim… which has made a rather nice wheel I have to say…


    I also have a revo and sp hub on my winter bike and its great apart from one long up hill climb where it gets a bit dim. But I tend to ride with a diablo on my helmet anyway just to add a little boost.

    But it’s been great. I’ve now got a hub for my hack / computer road bike too and just swap over the lamp

    Only thing I would like is an off switch


    SP Revo combo here – 15mm Maxle lite version. Love it. Simple as. Built onto some Crests for racing duties.


    Only thing I would like is an off switch

    Get a 99p toggle switch from Maplin and add it to the cable between the hub and the light, this is what I did.

    If you run a light and USB charger, as I have on another bike, get an on-off-on toggle switch, connect both devices to the hub through this and then you can run everything off, or switch between either a light or USB charging (GPS, phone, headtorrch etc) from your bars, should you wish.

    For a couple of quid more you can have a waterproof switch too…..


    Premier Icon Blackhound

    Being slow I find that after the light dims on a climb it takes a little while for the charge to pick up again. If the initial descent is a bit techy / rocky you have minimal light until speed picks up. This means carrying an extra light. Will depend on your intended use.

    Note I am far slower than Mr May and Dean so they may not have the same issue.

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