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    Generic bitumen sound proofing rather than branded dynamat? Dynamat is very good, but you are paying for a brand nowadays. I’ve also found that putting a relatively small amount in the centre of panels cuts a large proportion of noise.

    Also look on ebay for closed cell foam.

    When I was really broke and having to soundproof a car I shoved rockwool into every gap I could. Worked much better than it should’ve.


    There is an alternative I used that’s a standard building product for repairing roofs which is similar to dynamat. it’s cheap and available from somewhere like Wickes. I can’t remember what it’s called, but I used it years ago and it worked OK at stopping some resonance in the door panel.

    If you google the car forums it should turn up the info you need.


    A common thing to use is the flashing you can get from places like Wickes. It’s bitumen based, and comes in a roll that’s sticky on one side. About £20 a roll when I did mine.
    Then use rock wool or sheeps wool insulation under the ply lining – I used the stuff that’s already bagged so it doesn’t send out fibres every time there’s a draft.

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    Coming from a world of car audio, I’d avoid any non specific bitumen based products intended for other uses.

    Not because they don’t work, but rather the bitumen can go very soft in heat and run / stick everywhere.

    If you want to chat to somebody about car material have a look at the below.



    Bitumen stuff, as mentioned above will run/smell when hot, dynamat does the job well, have also used 5mm closed cell foam over the top which is pretty good and was £8 ish per square metre for a yacht supplier 25metre roll and have some left over with one layer on everything in a swb t4


    Hi guys any of you DIY soundproofing the back of the van? Google suggest dynamat but cost precious… Worth it? …i notice wheelarches noise and metal vibrating is very noticeable at 50mph+ and this is with the plylined already…

    Would like to hear any alternative you did soundproofing/insulating yours. Thanks


    Check out the car audio direct web site they sell similar stuff to dynamat but at a cheaper price.

    Celotex insulation stuck on to flat areas is ok also.
    I have used flashband with no problems so a mixture of all three can work and save a bit


    This stuff does the trick.

    but rather the bitumen can go very soft in heat and run / stick everywhere.

    mentioned above will run/smell when hot

    This is a myth.

    No smellyness from mine when cruising around the Med in the high 30’s. I remember the difference it made when I had a new, empty van. The flash banding was the first thing I did and the volume and road noise dropped loads.


    Thanks guys , very helpful.. I will google everything suggested as i really have no clue of the mentioned what it looks like and how to apply…. 1 more thing..do you put rubber mat in the flooring ..i assume the camping rubber mat thingy would work underneath the floor plyline?

    Or would this do the job to stick from floor to roof?


    3 words! …….Classic Acoustics Telford.

    Did my whole van by buying their matting product for a fair bit less than dynamat. Lovely bloke who runs it – forget his name but couldn’t have had more time for me on the phone and when I popped over to pick the stuff up. Advice on fitting, extra bits etc. Well happy with the performance 2 years on.

    They now do fitting too on a range of their products and I’ve been told they are perfectionists when fitting it all out.


    I’ve done a couple of t4 and t5 conversions, I used the bitumen flashing on the first followed by the butyl alternative on the second. Butyl came out on top for me. However neither are as good as dynamat, but if you do two layers it gets close. Butyl nicer to work with and is less susceptible to go hard in the winter and soft in the summer.



    Silentcoat from ebay £70 for enough to do a SWB van (T5 in my case)
    No need to cover the entire panel.
    Made a huge difference to mine.

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