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  • clubber

    Aside from all the gear details, don’t forget that your frame is designed with the reach set for a drop bar, not a flat one. Most bikes I’ve seen converted like this end up horribly short.


    sram and shimano aren’t compatible afaik

    Dont bother, ride it with the drop bars like it’s supposed to be ridden.

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    I’m running a planet X kaffenback with drop bars, SRAM force bits and bobs and BB7 brakes. I’m looking to convert it to a flat bar and wondering the best way of sorting it. New cable brake levers are fairly easy to source, but if you have any recommendations that would be great. It’s the gears and shifting i’m not sure about. Would like to keep the force front and rear mech (10 speed rear with a double front chainring set up). can I put some kind of trigger shifter on, or gripsift or thumbshifter? or do I need to get rid of the front and rear mechs and replace with something else. I could strip all the SRAM kit and ebay it, and replace the lot with deore perhaps. any advice welcome.


    Dont bother, ride it with the drop bars like it’s supposed to be ridden.

    yeah, don’t change anything. Stick with what you were sold. Don’t have an opinion. Don’t think about design. That’s someone else’s job.

    SRAM do 10spd flat bar shifters that are compatible with road mechs. You mustn’t use them though, as you will immediately die.

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    I’ve got a brand new set of SRAM flat bar shifters for a road bike sitting in the garage from a previous project that never got started. They were to be used with an Apex 2×10 set up.

    If you’re interested in them, let me know 😀

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    I can honestly say I’ve no idea what parts I have, but I walked into my LBS and described the crashed road bike I had. I walked out with the bits to fit new bars, stem, gear and brake levers, grips, and bar ends

    Fitted it no problem when I got home, hadn’t done anything like that before

    Helpful post huh?

    I’m looking to go the other way with my RoadRat. Fancy swapping the bars and stem?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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