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    Smashed my rear mech into my wheel saturday on the most innocuous hillock known to man, simply getting on my bike and starting to pedal.

    Decided to order a replacement from CRC on the way home in the car. The 3G signal was somewhat patchy through that part of Wales and so whilst ‘checking-out’ I had a couple of ‘failed to complete’ pages come up. I gave up in the end and waited until back into the industrial midlands. 3G was good and ordered the mech no problem.

    Checking my email later I had two from CRC telling me thanks for my purchase! Oops….. Seemingly one of the first so-called failed attempts HAD actually gone through, and I was now the proud owner of two mechs…. Aaarrrggghhhh! Can’t afford that I thought so I’ll simply go on their site and cancel one of the the orders. Could this be done? well, not as far as I could see and I looked everywhere and Googled the issue too. Balls.

    Never mind I thought, I’ll just wait until Monday morning at 9 O’clock when the lines open and cancel it then….

    Only, this morning I wake at half six to find two further emails from CRC telling me my items have dispatched… Doh!

    So, I’d like to complain about the lack of a ‘cancel my order’ button, and also I’d like to complain about how darned efficient CRC are…
    That is all


    They are probably still in the building though, so I would still call and explain. Its a bit of an obvious mistake which they should have queried while picking.


    It takes at least 3 days from the “despatched mail” for them to: –

    -get the packing monkey fired up……and motivated
    – locate said items and see if they are in stock as they have no live system for this
    – construct unfeasibly large packing box
    – place items in box
    – put 2nd class postage on it
    – take to post office
    – sit back and earn interest on your hard earned while you wait another 4 days for the post office to deliver.

    I’d suggest ringing them or mailing in them, but you get “customer service” monkeys instead…..


    I mistakenly ordered 2 of something on the same order from CRC once. There was no problem cancelling one but I did manage to phone them before it had been sent out.
    IME they’ve been really efficient recently. Ordered a frame and headset on bonfire night. Headset arrived Tuesday, frame wednesday. Put 2 separate orders through at about 11pm on Wednesday , both dispatched Thursday arrived Friday. Cool!

    Premier Icon kayak23

    IME they’ve been really efficient recently

    Yes, I’ve never had anything but spot on service from CRC and as a result they now have my life savings.. 😕

    I’ll try ringing them anyway…


    Its a bit of an obvious mistake which they should have queried while picking.

    You can’t realistically expect CRC to cross-check/2nd-guess all orders.

    One occasion last year I was sent the same order twice, on the same day. £80 of stuff I could’ve put in the classifieds… but I’m not a thieving scumbag, and returned the duplicate & got a £5 voucher in return.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    I’ll try ringing them anyway…

    Damn their efficiency..


    You can simply send one of them back though but you’ll have to stump up a little bit of postage.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    You should have a spare anyway, so they have done you a favour.


    Premier Icon kayak23

    Yeah, all true, though I was trying to save having to fork out return postage, which HAS to be at least recorded right?
    Can’t afford spares…. 🙁

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