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  • Blackspire stinger. Stepped roller for double rings. In various colours from crc etc, and not made from kittens tears like a cheaper imitation.

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    Can anybody recommend a chain-guide / bashring for a double crankset? I have used e*thirteen in the past, but only on single ring setups. For some reason, I cant seem to work out which guides are suitable for a double setup. Thanks! Oh, I have ISCG tabs..

    Damn the gods of chainsuck.

    I run one of these on my Meta 55

    Dirt cheap, never dropped a chain and no noticeable drag increase. Made it through a british winter without any difference in the bearings as well.

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    e-13 DRS with a firm roller is best I have had but at that price it had better be!! Only had them come on bikes. Have a stinger and does the job.

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    Stingers here too, quite crude looking but they work. There’s a lot of metal in that backplate, so they’re heavier than they have to be but they’re also stronger than they have to be- I had to cut mine almost in half to fit it around the swingarm and it’s still stronger than it has to be in fact 😉

    Gamut do a lovely one which is much the same but about half the weight… Expensive though.

    I got the Gamut one as a gift, it was flawless, miles lighter than the stinger.

    Crazy money though, as are all chain guides that aren’t the stinger.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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