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  • Do you spend Xmas alone?
  • Mr Woppit

    Are you bovvered?

    Alone as in single or just without having a bit get together?

    Me and the OH lock ourselves away on Xmas day, we both have separated parents so spend all of Boxing day trawling around visiting each one in turn so as not to put noses out of joint. Drives me bonkers.


    Nope, but dream of it sometimes.
    This year I’ll be able to do a good couple of hours out on the bike in the morning and drink myself into oblivion rapidly on my return so mother in law may the treat me as though I’m on my own.

    Premier Icon ton

    my oldest sister is a functioning alcoholic, with a foul temper to boot.
    every xmas, i invite her, my mother, who she clashes with, and my other elder sister.
    this is a very volatile mix.
    but they are my family, and i love em no matter what, but every year, my eldest sister fails to turn up.
    so she spends xmas alone.

    I used to spend it alone. I worked with livestock and they needed someone to feed / muck out in the morning. At the time I wasn’t with anyone and my parents were 300 miles away, so would spend that day working / on my own.

    Never bothered me at all. I used to worry about it a bit in the run up, especially when other folk talked about their plans, I wondered if I was ‘missing out’ on something. In practice I always had a good day, would plan to do something I wanted to do (usually a walk / ride / bandit river run) and have a nice bottle of wine and yummy food waiting.

    This year I will be on my own until early afternoon when my folks arrive – I recon that is the best of both worlds, I get some ‘me’ time and then spend some time cooking with my mum 🙂

    I will for the first time in 34 years this year and it will be very very odd.

    There’s nothing like moving to the other side of the world, not having a massive social network and a GF that’s working to make you feel very alone. My plan involves skyping folks, biking in the Perth (WA) Hills and drinking a hell of a lot of booze.

    This is kinda enforced, I guess it would be different if by choice.

    wingnuts. was just thinking that the other day, id love nothing more than to disappear out on my bike for a few hours on xmas day. ive nay chance, like treaclesponge we both have divorced and remarried parents, so we have loads of the bastards coming round in shifts all day!


    I normally work Christmas, and work alone (although people are my job) gets a bit boring sometimes, but I also look on the positives.. Empty trails, empty roads, and there’s always nothing on tv anyway!


    Not generally, but I did last year. I had plenty of offers from mates etc and could have driven north to see my folks but I quite enjoyed my day – rode my bike, cooked some lovely food, drank some nice wine.

    The year before I’d spent with GF at the time and her family and we were pretty much going through breaking up – so there are definitely lonelier places to be than on your own at Christmas 😉


    When I lived on my tod, I’d go to my brother’s to open presents in the morning with his girilfriend, then my aunt’s for christmas lunch, then home on my todd in the evening. I kind of liked it that way back then, but I wouldn’t like it now – bit reflective, which could be good or bad depending on your mood.

    Was great for levelling in Runescape though. 😀

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    I have done in the past, through my own insistence.
    I went through a phase of refusing to have anything to do with it, would refuse all offers etc. Finally i came to understand that this response was to do with a SAD type affliction coupled with a deep seated sense of loneliness that caused me to push people away.
    Now i have come to terms with that i realise i can allow myself to enjoy Xmas however i choose – a loving partner and a sense of self respect has helped enormously in that regard!

    @dashed – I agree – my Christmases alone have definitely NOT been my worst!


    Part of me would love to, but then again even with folk around I can feel very lonely at Christmas. I do think if I spent Christmas on my own, doing what I want when I want, then I’d feel happier and would be busy (bike ride etc) doing things to prevent my mind from wandering.

    Mister P

    I spent Christmas alone last year. I cooked and ate way too much, did some housework and watched Myth Busters all afternoon. It was strangely therapeutic. The year before I went to a party early afternoon on the 25th and finally crashed out late Boxing Day evening after getting very trashed on anything and everything then upset some good friends. I didn’t want a re-run of that incident.


    Not alone but for the first time since we’ve been together (17 years) we’ll actually be sleeping in our own bed on Christmas night. We can both hit the champagne early doors. I can’t wait to not have to go out anywhere other than for a red wine/sausageinbacon fuelled family walk through the fields after Christmas lunch.


    Mrs NBT and I will be taking our little caravan up to the Lake District for Christmas week. Bit of walking, bit of mooching around, nice roast dinner, maybe a beverage from the hawkshead brewery. Great


    I’ve spent it alone a few times. No biggie.

    It depends whether it’s your choice or whether your just terminally unpopular (I go for a mix of both).

    This year I’m going to a mates for lunch so I don’t even need to cook. But in the past I’ve been happy enough cooking myself a tasty lunch, drinking some nice vino, and watching crap on telly.

    I’m not Christian, I don’t have kids. These seem to be the two main divers for a big Christmas. To me it’s just an annoying day when no shops are open and you can’t get much done.


    Not now, no chance. 😆 But a quite a few years ago when I was with a previous incarnation of MrsBouy we would lock ourselves in and see no one over the whole Xmas period, I really quite liked that. Now however I see almost everyone and I far prefer this option.

    I really look forward to Xmas me.. 😀


    Mrs NBT and I will be taking our little caravan up to the Lake District for Christmas week. Bit of walking, bit of mooching around, nice roast dinner, maybe a beverage from the hawkshead brewery. Great

    That Sounds bloody great Jules!!


    Hey woppit

    There’ll always be a church service or two to go alone to.

    I’m sure you’ll be made more than welcome … 🙂

    Premier Icon pictonroad

    Did it a few years back when my mum passed away, had to pretend to be at various people’s houses or they’d have physically dragged me to there place. One of those crisp winters days. Audiobook on and long walk in the country, fantastic. Highly recommended.

    Got a nipper now so it’s focused round him but the ‘extended family’ get together still leaves me cold.

    I’m a miserable bugger though.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    I have to take Stoner Jr to rugby camp at Worcester Warriors* on the 27th which is usually the day that the in-laws arrange the annual gathering the other side of the country in a tedious semi detached rabbit hutch in Essex. This year, I wont be able to make it. For shame 🙁 😀

    * if they still exist by xmas 🙄

    This may be my first! but it’s a bit half an half. Don’t pick the kids up till 4pm which will neccestitate staying off the booze, but weather dependent most likely I’ll go for a skoot somewhere local and then my mum will arrive. Not fussed really, had plenty of big family do’s in the past so had my monies worth.


    Before we had the kids mrs rocket and me used to regularly drive to N.Wales at 7am Xmas morning and eat turkey sandwiches and mince pies on top of the Carneddau or the Glyders. Happy days

    When the children were small we embraced the whole Xmas thing it is a family occasion after all.

    This year things have gone full circle and there’s a strong possibility that the two of us might – just might – be able to go away for Xmas. I’ve already booked the accomodation 🙂


    holed up with the wife in a chalet at the bottom of the Franz Josef glacier in New Zealand was one of the best Christmases ever (apart from the fact that the local bar wasn’t serving beer if you didn’t eat food – WTF?).

    I like the whole family thing, especially with the kids, but do we have to do it EVERY year now for eternity?

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    I’ve been on my own a few times, my choice. Having done the family thing with kids now adults, it all seemed a bit pointless. Thoroughly enjoyed going out on my bike and finding quiet trails.

    This year is my first as an orphan and, thanks to my daughter, am now hosting Xmas Day.

    I know I’m a miserable cah but would much rather be on my own. 😐

    Premier Icon MSP

    I usually spend Christmas alone, I get up at about 10am and start drinking, by mid afternoon I curl up in a ball in the corner of the room and start rocking back and forth, sobbing, where I remain until sobriety kicks in on the 2nd of January.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    You’re joking aren’t you MSP?


    Will be seeing my girls for stockings/pressies for about 8am’ish, then sod all else to do for the rest of the day.
    If the sun is out – the bike will be, if not then the MTB will come out, I’ll get cold, muddy, probably wet and I won’t care.
    Far too many years of having to “be sociable”, “it’s a family day”, “don’t argue with my dad”, etc, etc, etc…
    This year I don’t have that stress and it feels very, very nice.
    Have several invites to friends later on that evening so no doubt will spend time with them.
    Difference for me is that they want to see me, not because they HAVE to and they won’t be offended if I choose not to.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Enjoy the freedom hammy and get out on that bike! 🙂


    where I remain until sobriety kicks in on the 2nd of January.



    cinnamon_girl – Member
    Enjoy the freedom hammy and get out on that bike!

    I will CG – will see whether it’s petrol or pedal powered 😉


    Yeap, alone most of the time for many years now … mainly eat, sleep, watch TV, eat, sleep … more sleep.

    Still planning world domination though. 😈

    Yes, but that gives me free reign to get out and about the Kingdom – recent Festive Breaks have been spent riding FoD+Marches/Snowdonia/Exmoor. This year i plan to mostly be in the Lakes as have unfinished business concerning Stakes Pass and Birkside (and anything else i can handle in the time 🙂 ). Every cloud and all that…


    I’d be happy enough to be honest. I’d go out early on a ride and then make myself a lovely christmas dinner and then get pissed in front of a film but it’d be without all the noise and presents and pretending I’m excited about people coming round.

    I’m not a very christmassy person. My parents were very strict about the way christmas was and because of that I could quite happily not have christmas at all. Although pigs in blankets are awesome.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    I’ve done a few lone xmases, had offers from people who were being polite but didn’t mean it & I wouldn’t want to spoil anyone else’s day/night. Best case scenario, go to bed early and wake up when it’s all over


    Rocketdog – Christmastime for many folk is a time for sharing what you have and making folk welcome, I’ve spent some Christmasses in extraordinary companies and bloody great they were too..

    The only one I spent alone was in a cold dirty flat with no electric sharing a tin of baked beans with my dog


    Not in the slightest.
    If the weathers alright I’ll ride.If not I’ll stop in bed.


    Alone, no. I have my step-dad living with me, mum died nearly two years ago, so we’ll be going down my brother’s for Christmas dinner, and be back home by tea-time, when I’ll be sprawled on the couch with beer and scotch, watching telly, and Boxing Day I’ll do my usual thing of driving over to Avebury, have a wander round for an hour or two, adjourn to the Red Lion for a pint, then home. It’s become my little ritual, of a sort.
    Used to do a Boxing Day walk with a bunch of friends, but couples have broken up, gotten different interests, etc, but I hate being indoors, so I go out on my own.

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    This will be my first ever solo Christmas Day. Boxing day will be back too insanity with the full family thing. I had an invite for Christmas lunch but ybh too many kids at the folks who invited. Bit of a ride in the morning followersd by pub, curry and computer.

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