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  • FuzzyWuzzy

    Mine aren’t auto and certainly can’t be arsed to do it myself, 99% of the time I’m parked on my driveway or in a car park though. I did have my passenger wing mirror kicked off a couple of years ago but that’s been held on with tape since (fyi Aldi all weather tape is way better than duct tape and various branded stuff like Gorilla and 3M).


    Auto when you lock the car.

    Which was slightly annoying in the recent ice they froze folded… So I turned that setting off.


    I try and remember now, after getting one hit in Glasgow. Managed to find all the fragments with a torch and reattach the casing.

    It’s not auto. If its dark I generally forget to hit the button to put them back out until the mirror indicator is blinking in my face.

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    I somehow lost the cover trim off my passenger wing mirror recently. I presume someone must have clipped it or something, but I didn’t notice at the time and there was no sign of any other damage.

    Ford wanted £60 for a replacement. SIXTY! 👿

    That’s not for the mirror, that’s just for the cover – a small piece of injection molded ABS plastic with some silver spray paint on one side.
    Probably costs pennies to make. Barstewards.

    Ford wanted £60 for a replacement. SIXTY!

    That’s not for the mirror, that’s just for the cover – a small piece of injection molded ABS plastic with some silver spray paint on one side.

    Anout 10 years ago I took my Mondeo into the Ford dealership in Coatbridge for a service and when I picked it up in the afternoon the two dark blue plastic covers on the wing mirrors were both missing.
    After an hour of angry discussion they finally admitted to nicking them off my car to fit to another car that was being delivered to a customer.

    Barstewards indeed.

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Nope, never… but i live in a close with no cars passing by me 🙂


    Auto fold when locked. Also passenger side mirror dips when reversing. Hate driving my wifes’ car now as hers doesn’t do it.


    I have no problem with folding mirrors as an idea, but why do they have to be so noisy? The other halves latest car is a 1 litre petrol engine and is virtually silent at tickover, however when she pulls up the electric handbrake wheezes noisily on, then the mirrors grind into place – it’s like a locomotive parking up!


    Surprising amount of people that don’t and then probably moan that their mirrors get hit.

    You shouldn’t have to fold your mirrors in – leaving them out isn’t an invite to have them smashed off, either deliberately or accidentally.


    How many of you mirror closers forget to unfold when driving? I see a fair few people driving with mirrors closed, which is a worry lack of awareness of the driver.

    Premier Icon DezB

    I did have a car with wing mirrors a long time ago

    Funny that we still call them that.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    I don’t bother usually, unless it’s particularly narrow. On the car I have now it probably only gains about an inch anyway.

    Or park facing the flow of traffic

    … illegally.

    Premier Icon mahalo

    scintillating subject but no

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    I hate to be a car geek party pooper, but the Maclaren F1 used wing mirrors from a VW Corrado,
    So that story seems a little unlikely

    As a Corrado owner, that seems completely believable… they’ll be a special, one-off design fabricated by hand from unicorn horn by Karmann. They will have been obsolete for the last ten years except for one remaining L/H-drive mirror held by VW Classic Parts somewhere in Germany, which won’t fit R/H-drive cars and is priced at £2,500 anyway.

    As we live on a road which is apparently a rat-run for the partially sighted and have lost three mirrors between us in two years, I not only fold my mirror in, but I have also invested in the incredibly hard to locate by googling WingAware… which has to be the worst marketed product in history.

    It took me two years after seeing one in use to find out what it actually was, viz, a red plastic pointer thing that’s intended to encourage drivers to leave a little more room when passing.



    Really? Well you learn something everyday!

    Car just been pranged again coincidentally (see my new exciting thread). But I saw them this time so he had to stop.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Yeah. It’s against the law to park facing traffic during the hours of darkness. Fine during the day. IIRC anyway.

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