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  • DIYTrackWorld – Removing floor screed / Self Leveling Compound
  • HantsNightRider
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    had a water leak from the shower, ground floor bathroom and water got under laminate floor.
    The Laminate has now removed, but floor screed/Self Leveling Compound is damaged and come away in places, the rest is well bonded to the solid concrete floor below. the screed is probably 2-4mm thick.
    I have a dehumid & heater running to dry everything out, when it is all dried out, do I need to remove all the screed or SLC (whatever it is) or can you just put a thicker layer of SLC on top.
    If I have to remove it, any idea’s other than a hammer and chisel?

    To the best of my knowledge the screed is about 15 years old.
    Once complete, the floor will be replaced with lino/vinyl flooring.

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    Hammer and chisel won’t take long, it’ll come off fairly easily. Don’t see any big problems with putting a new layer on top if you’ve satisfied yourself that what’s left is pretty solid.

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    a lump hammer on its own will remove SLC thats looking a bit suspect.

    no issues with overlaying with SLC slightly thicker IF what its bonding to is solid.

    If you have alot to do a wide blade chisel bit in an SDS that has a non rotating chisel function.

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    Will give it another go with a lump hammer and Chisel
    Guess I’ve got a week or two of drying time to remove it

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