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  • discouraging crows ( and pigeons )
  • ourkidsam

    C’mon Kes


    *Hawk the….

    Get a Harris on the case!

    Failing that, a shotgun should sort out the pigeons. Skin them, keep the breasts and then marinade them in a little soy, sesame oil and sesame seeds. Fry them in a heavy pan for a while, then slice thinly and serve on a nice salad, with some spring onions, radish and betroot.

    Crows? Kill ’em all.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    I read that as ‘discouraging cows’.

    I must confess the reality of your situation hasn’t lived up to my expectation.


    I think you can get a hawk silhouette to stick on your window. It might work.


    I would imagine that small hawks would easily be chased away, if not killed, by a group of crows, especially considering the amount you have. A buzzard, maybe; but I still think that the crows would be victorious in any territorial dispute.


    Hawk decoy on the roof, or a recording of a hawk in a really bad mood playing from speakers.

    But, as CFH has said, pigeon is delicious (assuming it is proper wild woodpigeon as opposed to feral). Air rifle into a good backstop will sort the problem and provide a lovely meal.


    Try a plastic nowl from a shooting shop. Worth a try but not a sure fire soloution.


    One of them should scare pretty much everything off. Might be hard to get it up the stairs though….

    If not how about a starter pistol?


    We seem to have developed a problem in my area with the formation of huge flocks of crows – several hundred birds at a time. I live on the top floor of the highest building and the birds seem to think that my balconies and roof exist for their perching pleasure.

    I have thought of using one of these:

    but I think that my neighbours and the police would not be too happy with me. What is the best way of dissuading the crows from using my building as a combined meeting place and toilet ?


    A couple of priests with signs should do it.


    Kia ora

    Its too orangy for crows.



    This is the backstop – so any sort of shooty solution is out of the question:

    The day I end up with a cow problem on the 12th floor is the day I stop drinking.

    I do like the idea of a Hawk of some kind – are they quiet in the morning/can they be toilet trained ?

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    Crows don’t flock together.

    Hence the saying “If you see a lot of crows together – they’re rooks. If you see a rook on its own – it’s a crow”


    Then they must be a complete bunch of rook(er)s

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