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  • Disc brake newbie has a problem…..
  • Anonymous

    I suspect ro rides his bike on smooth open fire roads and farm tracks

    i wish. if there are such things here i’ve yet to see them.


    I suspect ro doesnt ride, he just hangs around spurting strange sentences into conversations looking for a response. Damnit I gave him a response!

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    Ro – so please tell us mortals what type of trails you are riding?


    for OP,

    are both pistons in the rear caliper moving freely?

    ive had similar problems but it was actually worn bearings in the freehub.

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    we’re either under 1m of water or in clouds of dust. gloop lasts for one day in-between these two norms

    So therefore, might you agree that here in the UK, where we tend to have gloop for large proportions of the year, and gritty gloop at that (which works as a wonderful grinding paste too), that discs might be somewhat more necessary?

    Also, how are carbon frames user servicable? I’d have thought good steel frames would be more up your street at least as you can get pretty much anyone to weld them up if they do fail!

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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