Disaster with a rear Hope Pro 2 after bearings change

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  • Disaster with a rear Hope Pro 2 after bearings change
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    Sounds like they forgot to put back a small spacer on the hub when rassembling. Cheap as chips to buy one, hope will sort you out if you give them and call and easy to fit at home. 🙂

    Oooo, bent axle. Just read that bit. You’ll need a new one, cassette coming off with the hub isn’t a problem. So…

    New axle and that spacer and you’ll be sorted. Any bike shop will be able to fix cheaply.

    Premier Icon ScotlandTheScared

    I am fairly sure that this just means your freehub wasnt seated back into the hub body properly. They just push into place and are not held by any bolts etc. So – check that you still have your pawls attached to the freebub body and then push the freehub back into the body (you may need to twist slightly to stop the pawls catching). Then seat the seal that should still be attached to the hub body.

    Should be an easy fix as far as I can tell from my experience with the same hubs… although if the axle is bent thats less good… And amn’t sure about the spacer issue.

    Premier Icon Mal-ec

    Aye sounds like the spacer didm’t get put back. Should be a cheap easy fix. Give Hope a or your LBS a bell tomorrow.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    There’s two Evans Cycles branches in W1 according to their website…


    I had the bearings on my rear Hope Pro 2 (non Evo) changed 2 days ago, after one of them developed some play at a respected lbs back home (Bulgaria). Yesterday I packed the bike, took it on the plane and got back in London. Today, after putting the wheels back on, I noticed that the rear mech (X.0) is a hair away from the spokes when on the largest rear cog. Well, I haven’t used the largest cog in quiet some time, so I removed the mech, inspected the cage which appeared OK, disassembled it anyway, inspected, regreased the jockeys, put it back on, readjusted the limit screws and everything seemed ok, the cage was at it’s usual place and there didn’t seem to be any play.
    This evening when I went on my usual commute to work, gear shifting seemed funky, the tension adjustment didn’t seem to help much. Cautiously, on very low speed, I moved to the 3rd or 2nd largest cog to see if the cage would move dangerously close to the spokes and a second later I was thrown on the pavement… The mech was in-between the spokes (no damage to it and only a slight bent to one spoke) and the chain was between the cassette and the spokes with a couple of links bent.
    Now the funny part – the entire cassette side of the hub was moving in and out! I took the wheel, removed the QR and next thing – the cassette with the part of the hub that it is mounted on, was in my hands! The axle seems to be slightly bent as well.

    So, how **** am I and where is a good place to get the thing inspected and serviced? Preferably somewhere in Central/West London. Pics will follow tomorrow, as I had to get very quickly home, leave the bike and take the tube to get to work….

    Premier Icon senor j

    What the others have said …..
    take this to the bike shop as “back up”. 😕


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