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  • B.A.Nana

    Got an album or two from 1990ish, I didn't realise they were still going.

    Premier Icon darrell

    original threesome got back together a few years ago. Saw them at the Benicassim festival and they rocked. This new un is as good as anything they did in the 80's

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    Just been listening to their latest album (Farm) and it's really quite wonderful.

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    Best gig I ever been to was Dinosaur Jr at The Venue in Embra (back-in-the-day).

    Lou was cool and kept bashing out the bassline to Gigantic and rapping about stuff.

    J blew his 3rd amp is as many days during the soundcheck and the replacement only just arrived prior to them hitting the stage.

    I think I drank half their rider too…

    And they did a cover of barmy army & sweet child of mine.

    Didn't cut my hair for about 8-9 months after that.


    what a great band, further proof to me that there are very few new bands that can give the old masters a run for their money

    cool will have to have a listen, I saw them at Reading many many years ago.


    just clicked it through spotify.

    sounds exactly like where you been, fookin great album


    Very very loud live 🙂

    Just a heads up in case you didn't know, some copies of the latest album have audio problems. Check http://www.dinosaurjr.com for details and free replacement.

    My CD had the problem. Swapped. Not much difference really 😉 Still awesome.

    I saw them on the Rollercoaster tour with the Mary Chain, Blur and My Bloody Valentine in about '92. That was LOUD!

    Saw them again last Thursday at the Cambridge junction (drove down from Sheffield). My Mrs. loves them too and said 'How can 3 people make that much noise!'. J's incessant guitar tuning made me laugh. Tune, whack on effects, cue wall of noise! Could anyone tell?! Freak Scene was the best song of the set by a mile. Amazing.

    They are playing Sheffield Leadmill on the 3rd September.

    thanks for the heads up. I saw them in 88(?) 87? at the astoria supporting sonic youth. i also bagged my 1st wife by playing her Bug at a party 🙄

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    BluePalomino – Member
    thanks for the heads up. I saw them in 88(?) 87? at the astoria supporting sonic youth.

    That would have been '88 as I was also there. Rapeman was support the other date. It was ace too…

    Coincidently, the Mrs. has just emailed to say she's got tickets for their Leadmill gig! J, Lou and Murph producing wall to wall noise again. Wicked.

    Oddly, only about 15 people moshing at the Junction. Everyone else trying to take (crap) photos on iPhones and Blackberries. Not quite right, somehow!


    Turnip Farm on the Start Choppin single is one of my favourites – from the 90's I think


    feel the pain was my classic DJR hit, good video as well

    Love 'em! Agree they are seriously loud live!!!
    Prefer older stuff – My fave is 'The Post (Live)' on the b-side of the 'Out There' single from years ago….
    Captures them at their best I reckon.


    This thread takes me back a few years! I never saw them, but 'Freak Scene' was on the warm up mix before EVERY gig I went to in those days. Still a favourite of mine. The cover of 'Just Like Heaven' is a thing to behold.

    We saw Teenage Fanclub at one of the Manchester University venues and friend of a friend Kevin waited for total silence to shout 'You're just Dinosaur Jr. in kilts!' loud enough for everyone in the small venue to hear. Cue embaressing exchange between him and the band…

    Oddly, only about 15 people moshing at the Junction. Everyone else trying to take (crap) photos on iPhones and Blackberries.

    This is my pet hate. Then you find yourself watching it through somebody else's phone. Idiots!

    Oh, and 'Start Choppin'' is where it's at. Love Dinosaur Jr.
    As an aside, as the right audience may be here, Mudhoney are on tour again, and playing in a social club in Leeds (Oct 10th)! I can hardly contain myself…


    Bug…what a fookin CLASSIC album! 🙂


    saw them last week at concorde in brighton. had a chat, as far as you can, with J before the gig ( girlfriend has stalked the band previously ) then got right to the front for a good deafening- they are amazing live!

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    It is great isn't it. I was at Rollercoaster '92 (in Sheffield I presume?)
    Blur were first on. I love The Leadmill, but left Sheffield in '93 – Damn I'd love to go to that. I went to see them (minus Lou) by myself, in Leeds in '93 – only time I've been hoisted onto the stage crowd surfing – assumed I'd be kicked out the back door, but they gave me a drink and showed me back to the front. Happy days.
    Shucks, I've come over all misty eyed.

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