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  • badllama

    Hi mate where is the starting point may give it ago tomorrow 🙂

    It’s ok though it was somewhere else lol how is the rest of it looking as it was pretty shagged out last time we were up there?

    Premier Icon colp

    Didn’t sort the mess between the top three jumps but the rest is bone dry and very fast.
    Have you tried the new bottom section? Turn right just before you would pop out onto the fire road half way down the hill.
    I’ll do some more work on it over the next month if I get time.

    Premier Icon colp

    I just spent the afternoon clearing back the nettles and sorting some drainage.
    It’s bone dry up there at the moment so please get riding it to keep it clear.
    Cheers, Col


    Hello chaps

    I was there last night and rode both the sections mentioned. So much better for them being dry but got stung by those pesky nettles in the second section.

    Keep up the good work!

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    Good man! I’ll be there at some point this week no doubt..

    Premier Icon colp

    No worries, you’re welcome!

    Heading up there today for a couple of hours to have a go at the three jumps.
    Going to try to lengthen them (the backside transition) to stop the depressions forming as people land. Should help keep it drier.
    My helpful army of 8 billion biting insects will keep me company 🙂


    Quite fancy making a trip to ride this. Haven’t been to Delamere for a few years though – what else is still there – Dirt jumps in the skills section or whatever it was called? 4x course still there?

    Oh and appreciate anyone taking the time to maintain any courses / jumps etc so props to colp.


    If you ever want a hand mate just give me a shout I’ll sort out an email address in my signature soon.
    We are usually up there on Sundays but can do the odd evening if you want to meet up.

    “Have you tried the new bottom section? Turn right just before you would pop out onto the fire road half way down the hill.”
    It’s that before or after the big final left turn?

    Last time we were up there nearly wiped out some walkers coming up the DH trail 😯

    Stevet1 the skills section has been fooked for ages after rain gone OTB the puddles are that deep!

    Just out of interest anyone recommend a decent folding shovel to carry on the bike?

    Premier Icon colp

    Thanks for the offer of help. I’d love to sort a proper dig day, get a few ideas done I’ve had for years.
    What really helps is if you ever push up the track, stamp down any ruts as you go, stops water settling in them which causes a lot of the problems.
    I’ve used folding shovels before, just a mid range eBay job. They’re ok for small patch up jobs.
    Got up there again today to sort the top out by the 3 jumps. I’ve raked and stamped down all the ruts and raked some drier earth on top but bits are still pretty soggy, so I’ve but some branches etc in front of the worst bits to give them time to dry. We put in an alternate line at the top a few weeks ago. Turn left instead of doing the first jump.
    It’s nothing exciting, just there for when the main line is too wet.
    The new bottom section is just after the final big left hand berm.
    It’s got a few mini berms, a really nice step-down jump, then just fast singletrack so far.
    I’m back up there on Thursday evening with my lad if anyone is around, bit of riding, bit of digging.

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    Could well be up there Thursday Col… Just shout out if you see me.. Was gonna head over to the stone drop. And on to Primrose.


    Col what time you up there Thursday evening?

    Email now added to sig 🙂


    Had a bit of a play there last night, good to follow you down (even though I missed the turn to the bottom bit) and talk. Nice one digging and clearing it, it’s running boss.

    Where is this downhill track?

    Once i’ve climbed old pale, which way do you go to access this? I’ve only ever continued down the other side towards the road and Primrose woods.



    On top of Old Pale stand with your back to the monument looking into the valley where the Visitors Centre is.
    There’s grass, then a hedge then trees. There’s a gap in the hedge ahead of you – it’s thru there.
    Or cycle 100 yds down the track leading back down the Visitors Centre valley to where it goes thru the hedge. Turn right into the little track running between the hedge & the trees – 20 yards or so along there the DH track decks off left into the trees (with afore mentioned gap in hedge on right).

    Brilliant, cheers mate! Will check it out.

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