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  • Premier Icon bramleyborn

    Just found out today. Only got to know him recently and he was a real nice bloke, always up for a chat and banter. He’ll be sorely missed. RIP.

    Premier Icon CHB

    Sad news. RIP.

    Premier Icon senor j

    Very sad , condolences to family and friends.


    Very sad news, I hadn’t ridden with Deejay but had seen him around Swaledale regularly.
    Our thoughts are with his family and friends. RIP


    RIP, enjoy the trails in heaven

    Premier Icon Trekster

    May I add my condolences to his family and friends.

    I was due to ride with him and his mates who had already cancelled an earlier visit due to the snow.


    What a terrible piece of news. I only met Dave once (I think), and very briefly.

    Rest in Piece.


    That’s too young to be leaving his family, sounds like a nice person which is a very rare thing these days. I hope monday goes as well as it can for his family an friends.

    Premier Icon miketually

    There’s a nice tribute to deejay in the local paper.

    Dispite living in the same town and riding in the same places, I don’t think I ever met Deejay, but my wife has as he investigated the theft of my bike after it was stolen a couple of years ago. Really regretting missing out on a couple of chances of riding with him in Swaledale.

    Premier Icon smogmonster

    Whoh, shocking news. I only met him once, on a ride up Fremington a few years back..and frankly he rode the legs off me…and to top it off he knew the trails up there better than I did, despite my living there for years! A really friendly guy who obviously had a huge passion for biking. Commiserations to all his friends and family.RIP.


    I always imagined Dave would be still mountain biking at 80. He introduced me to loads of routes in the Dales and like everyone else I had to work hard to keep up despite being 10 years younger. I never once heard him grumble or snipe about anything or anyone. He was one of a kind.
    Only 2 months ago we were exchanging emails on the merits of 29ers as he enthused about his new Trek. It’s still hard to believe he has gone.
    RIP Dave.

    Premier Icon miketually

    I hope this morning’s gone as well as it could for deejay’s friends and family.


    I hope this morning’s gone as well as it could for deejay’s friends and family.


    Cheers for psoting those links Mike.


    Sleep tight Dave you will be missed in person but not in spirit


    Premier Icon lowey

    That was a very moving funeral for the nicest bloke you could ever meet. You guys riding behind the hearse was just such a fantastic touch.

    The hundreds of people there paid testament to just how popular he was. Sorely missed.

    It was nice to catch up with some old friends too, but the circumstances were horrible.

    See you all at the Memorial Ride.

    Ride in peace mate.


    This is Sue David’s wife. I just want to thank you all on behalf of myself and the family for the good wishes and kind comments. I can’t describe the shock of his sudden and as yet unexplained death, but all your lovely comments and photographs have been a great comfort. It was wonderful to have so many at the funeral and he would have loved the bikes following him.
    Especial thanks to Steve, Trevor, Graham, Andrea and John.(Sorry if I have missed anyone)
    John your organisation of the funeral was excellent, thankyou so much.You took good care of him. Steve thanks for the lovely words and all who helped contribute.
    He so loved his mountain biking and the company of you all.


    Hi 1 and all
    I managed to get some bits together from Dave’s funeral. i hope you like the video…
    Dave’s Funeral Video

    RIP Dave


    Thanks for sharing that John

    Great ending tribute to Deejay. Thanks John.


    Thought I’d post a copy of Steves new thread on the deejay memorial ride.

    fatgit – Member
    We are organising a ride as a tribute to our friend Deejay.
    It’s on Sunday 14th July and we are setting off from the Dales Centre in Reeth at 10am
    It will be a leisurely ride, approx 2.5hours but we are allowing 4 hours if that makes sense.

    In true Deejay style though there is plenty of climbing!!!!
    The plan is to meet Daves family at the top of Fremington Edge where his family will scatter his ashes., then descend back to the centre for refreshments if you wish.
    Stu at the Dales Centre is organising a field adjacent to the river for parking so there will be plenty of room.
    All welcome
    Any questions give me a shout


    Really sad and shocking news about Dave. Like many people, he kindly took me for a ride round some cracking trails in the Dales and we later met up on the odd STW Northern chapter ride. One of the most decent people I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Would have liked to go on the tribute ride but still healing from recent injuries. I’m sure it will be well attended as Dave was so obviously well liked.


    Didn’t know the guy but am gutted for his family and friends.

    Can I ask what type of cancer? It seems like it must’ve progressed pretty quickly.


    Never good to hear news like that. A moments silence will be observed on the highest peak of my next jaunt into tut hills.

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