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  • bigG

    Currently considering a gite in this area for our summer hold and I’m trying to persuade ‘er who must be obeyed that we can take bikes as “cycling’s bound to be easier than round here”..

    Any comments on routes or ease of cycling? Wife hasn’t done many miles on a bike so any easy routes would be much appreciated. Off road, or on road.

    I’m keen to take a bike but won’t be allowed unless hers comes too.

    FInal question, Little one will be 19months old, and is quite wee. Do you think a trailer or a top tube mounted seat would be best? Any experiences of either?


    Can only speak for Normandy (as that is where my mum lives) but road riding is lovely, nice quiet, smooth roads, beautiful country side etc etc. Mountain bike wise its a bit euro.. Mostly farm tracks and fire roads with some super technical singletrack if you don’t mind being cheeky (not sure what the law says, but no one ha moaned at me yet) She lives near Domfront, and the trails around the waterfalls at the top of town are ace.

    Premier Icon Sideways Tim

    Brittany is great for cycling. Very quiet roads, respectful drivers, canalside paths, little hills – perfect for a family. Trailler would be a good idea.

    We toured there when Judith was 8 months pregnant – tells you how hard it is 😉

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    Normandy and Brittany cover a huge area so hard to generalise. Brittany can be quite hilly and remote in the far West and inland. At the peak of the summer it’s very busy especially the coastal towns. It’s a lovely area for family holidays, very popular with French families wanting avoid the costly and crowded South. If you pick well you’ll enjoy quiet roads, the French version of Ordnance Survey is IGN you can order maps online.


    Have a look at the French mtb federation website. I usually google vtt ffr and go from there. Loads of routes waymarked from the centre of villages all over France. If I can get on a pc (on iPhone at the moment) I’ll post up a full link.

    Suisse Normande is the best place in the area you mention though…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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