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  • depth-junkie

    Yello, anyone been for a spin round there today?
    A couple of us are thinking of going there tomorrow, but are a bit botherd by the high winds. I know Llandegla is shut due to power lines and numerous trees being down, have heard from a m8 1st hand how dodgy Llandegla was yesterday before it as closed.

    Is CYB the same or is it worth the trip? or are we gonna be running the gauntlet of downed trees with possibilty of some more coming down on our heads as the weather (wind) looks to be pants tomorrow again.

    Cheers for any comments from folk thst have been there today, hoping CYB has not taken as much a battering like llandegla has.

    I was there today and the weather was terrible very wet and windy but we still had a great ride, so don’t let a bit of wind and rain put you off, still plenty of grip.


    not worried about rain, more concerned with the wind. In Wrexham we have had basicly 2 days of 50-70mph winds, and tomorrow looks to be more of the same. So basicly just want to check its worth the hours drive that the trails are rideable and not closed/unridable due to downed trees like Llandegla is at the min.

    Glad you had a good ride, sounds like its in better shape than Llandegla.


    I heard that because Llandegla is rented via a private forestry company they may be a bit over-cautious in adverse weather conditions, maybe some crazy 3rd party litigation loop-holes.


    LLandegla, has dozens of trees down on the trails blocking them and live power cables across the red route and I think one of the power pylons has come down also, last year I was riding up towards the long climb and a tree came down in front of me and landed between a young girl of about 10 and her Father who was 20m in front of her luckily both where fine, a few seconds either way , it could of been tragic.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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