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  • steve_b77

    I’m doing the cycling weekly Lakeland Monster next week and I’m just wondering if it’s worth changing the tyres on my CX bike.

    As it stands it’s on Ritchey Excavaders in 35mm, I noticed that the overwhelming suggestion for the 3PCX was land cruisers. The route is roughly half back road, half lakes trails round Skidaw, Keswick etc. would they schwalbes be a good choice, considering how cheap they are and the amount of rocks up there?

    If not, what kinda tyre pressures would be best as I normally ride with 40psi for the cast majority of my riding that is woodland and bridle way / river path based.

    Just for info I weigh in at 80kgs in my riding kit


    Based on my 3 pks experience.

    I just use an all rounder. Vittoria XG Pro. Didn’t change it for the race. I bumped mine up to 70PSi and I’m also 80kg riding weight.

    I normally race as low as I can so 20-40psi depending on the course.

    In summary, leave em on and pump them to the max.

    If you do want new tyres then you want something more slick. I’d go for a profile tread over the land cruisers. There is a lot of road on your ride compared to the three peaks and I doubt they’ll have decents as bad, more likely to be gravel than full on rocky. Again 60+ PSI will give you a faster ride.

    I’ve had good results riding rocky long rides on conti CX speeds at 60-70PSI but only if it is dry and there is no mud.

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    Did the clif cross which is a similar deal to the lakes but in the dales round Todmorden way, so nice and rocky, ran racing ralphs at 50 psi, no punctures, weigh 69kg in kit. Most tyres will get you round, it’s not a race, so take your time and pick the smooth lines.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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