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  • CTD not working on shock or forks
  • soundb0y
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    I bought my zesty towards the end of July, and I’ve always thought the CTD settings did little to nothing on both the forks and shock.

    However as it seemed to ride well anyway I never really did much about.

    Over the last month or 2 I have started to notice it more and more, and after taking the bike in for a service today, had it confirmed that neither were functioning properly.

    So obviously they are both going to have to go off to Mojo to be looked at. Just wandering if anyone else has a had similar issues and if it will be a quick or easy fix? Also is it likely to be covered by warranty?


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    Can’t Tell Difference

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    Talk to Mojo about it, my forks have a month left of the warranty I called them to ask about a knocking noise they picked them up and sorted them under warranty. Great customer service and a fast turnaround.

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    With the rear shock its probably the Nitrogen has leaked away.
    When this happens it causes the pro pedal nob to do precisely nothing.
    I bought a new RP23 that had sat on the shelf for 2 years and all the gas had leaked out. sent it back for a replacement.

    Mojo will charge you lots of money to replace the gas – its a complete con – there should be a schrader valve on there so you can top it up yourself. Air is 70% Nitrogen.

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    How long is the warranty usually? I’ve not even had them a year yet but they definitely have never been right, rather than degrading over time.

    FOX Float CTD BV LV Performance
    FOX 32 Float 150 CTD Fit Performance

    Those are the models. I know they recalled a load a few months back but don’t think it was mine.

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