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  • WI vs. England, lovely game. Shame it’ll be only a draw though.

    I love hearing Sir Viv chuckling away to himself!

    Strauss and Shah gone already, WTF?


    Dreary non result wickets and an English bowling attack which just lacks bite, oh yes I’ve been watching. I don’t think its total doom and gloom for the ashes as some are predicting but it could be better and this Hughes lad looks a bit special though.

    The Ashes might be different as both sides will actually try to win.

    The referral malarkey has to go.

    KP seems to have had enough of this idiocy and is going for it. He won’t last long, like a real man it’ll be some 28 seconds 😉


    Why should the WI give us a chance, they wupped us in the first test and we’ve been unable to force a result in the other tests. You cant blame them they haven’t won a test series in god knows how long they aren’t going to risk anything just to make a game of it, they dont care they’re gonna win the series. Yep referral system is waste of time.

    Ditch it, Cook’s gone too.
    Cook c Ramdin b Hinds 24 – Eng 72-3 (13.3 overs)

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    referral system is so half arsed. You can’t overule the on field umpire unless there is clear proof he got it wrong (proof, not opinion) – and then they won’t allow the 3rd umpire to use all the evidence / predictive tools open to him.

    Supposedly it’s to prevent the on field umpires losing their position as ultimate arbiters; instead it has devalued their position and that of the off field people too.

    It has led to one classic moment though. Yesterday, Sarwan who was scoring hundreds for fun, hit on the pads in front of all three was given out. He looked up pleadingly to his captain batting at the other end, to see if he thought a referral was worthwhile.

    Chris Gayle’s response may have included no words but spoke volumes. Hop it, being the gist.

    Sounds like KP’s trying everything in the trickbag this morning! Colly out cheaply, though.


    It has the potential to be a cracking day if England can score quickly and get WI under the cosh early on. Moving along at 5.5 an over at the moment so that’s encouraging although it’s mainly due to KP as CFH says above.

    Forget KP, looks as if MP’s tonking it all around the place as well!

    WI 59-3 needing another 181 to win in 47 overs.

    Sarwan’s just gone to Swann caught Collingwood.


    following it TMS is just so quintesentially British thank the Lord for DAB and no shipping forecast
    Agree Viv’s voice sounds superb

    The ball is turning enough for it to all be over in a couple of good overs from Swann and Monty.

    Gonna be good watching!

    This is good listening.
    Such a shame that none of it is on TV unless you have sky

    80-4 Chanderpaul’s gone LBW to Swann.

    Yep, let’s do it! Ingerlaaand, Ingerlaaand, Ingerlaaand 😀

    85-5 now. Nash LBW to Anderson.


    1938 – WI 85-5 (39 overs)

    90-6. Bye bye Hinds. Caught Colly bowled Monty.

    1959 – WICKET – Hinds c Collingwood b Panesar 20 – WI 90-6 (43.1 overs)
    Monty replaces Anderson, and the first ball of the over sees Hinds appear to nick to slip – was it bat or pad? Umpire Harper raises his finger, Hinds isn’t happy but Windies have no referrals left and out he goes!

    We have a game on here!

    TMS – Radio of the Gods! Just imagine going for a few beers with Aggers, Viv, Vic Marks et al! (HAve drunk with CMJ on a number of occasions already, top chap!)

    17 overs left and its geting really tight!!

    Bleeding referals! What’s the bleeding point?! Knock him in his gullies and we’ll jump with Monty.

    FFS! Can they not bowl better than Turnham Green massive on a Sunday? Monty is a pillock, he bleeding appeals all the ****’ time no matter what the f’in’ ball is doing. Will someone switch the anal dildo Monty’s wearing off ‘cos it’s f’ing annoying.
    11 F’ing overs to go! Start bowling not F’ing jumping!!!!!!!

    Wicket! Gayle’s out. 107 for 7!

    It’s only F’ing 8 F’ing overs to go, will you F’in finally remove those F’ing stubborn F’ing batsmen? C’mon, get them F’ing out!
    I’m running out of patience and on the last vodka, bummer!

    Nothing else in the cabinet? Cripes!

    Have a virtual pint of Tangle Foot on me!

    Thank you, Sir! Only a bottle of Argie red of some sort, some Absynth too (but I have a long drive tomorrow so no pants remover tonight).

    8 Down! Three overs to go….!

    What a test match!

    Wicket!!! 109-8

    2 overs and 5 balls to go.

    Bloody hell!

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Boo hiss. Sack the manager.

    A good effort from England. What were they doing in the first test?

    Can we ban bowling England out for fewer than 500 runs please?

    Premier Icon theotherjonv


    Good for cricket. My sister’s married to an Antiguan and have been there a few times, and at grass roots level cricket is still strong but as a professional sport, lacks direction. What with Stanford now, a prolonged period without success for the Windies could sound the death knell as a serious test playing nation.

    And cricket without the Windies is devalued.

    So seeing them resurgent, that for me is good for the game in general.

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