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  • Cotic Soul vs Pipedream Scion
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    I’ve got an 18″ pipedream scion ridden a dozen times going for £225 posted if you’re interested?

    Thanks 2POC. It won’t fit me. I’d be after a 16.5″. Don’t you like it?

    Premier Icon 2POC

    No worries its a great frame but a little too large for me

    Both on my shortlist

    Anyone ridden both? I’d be interested in how you found them. Thanks in advance.


    & i have a 3 week old 17″ soul frame for sale if you’re interested.


    got a pipedream scion medium im 5ft 10 1/2 and im going to have to get a laid back seatpost the large was too large.

    nice ride (ridden full suss for last 10 years so its taking a while to get used to hardtail but im 48 and dont feel the need for full suss with riding i do.

    go for it you wont regret it with the money saved you go for better stuff to kit it out


    I had a Scion and bought it after having a good hands on look at a soul frame. There was no difference in trends of quality of finish etc and as I couldn’t try either I plumped for the Scion. Nice comfortable ride, high quality finish and a good all day.

    Size wise I think they are a tad small for a given size though.

    Not ridden a soul yet…



    sums up the scion.

    Soul eats nice for breakfast.

    Chuck Norris rides a Soul. Fact.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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