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  • Coros Apex – any owners?
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    I’ve read the DC Rainmaker review and a few others. I get that it’s not quite there software wise for hardcore training, but I’m not into hardcore training. No-one seems to have anything particularly bad to say about the GPS and the HR is probably good enough for me. I’m happy with an old TomTom Spark Cardio but getting a bit cheesed off with it’s iffy syncing and the will it-won’t it of whether things will actually make it from the watch to the app. I do like the simplicity of the TomTom and the ability to get a week out of a charge if you lay off the GPS and the app is quite good when stuff uploads to it.

    I don’t really want to go the Apple route although I’m iOS as the battery looks crap and it’s a bit expensive. The Suunto 5 looks promising on paper but many complain about the screen. Don’t trust Garmin. Fitbit Ionic looks good but also looks like it might vanish without trace. I wear a watch on my right wrist, I understand that while it’s not listed on the the release notes the ability to flip the Apex 180 deg has been added so left-handers don’t need to deal with a small rotary control facing up their wrist if they don’t want to.

    Anyone any experience or suggestions?

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