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  • Converting to SS- pics please!
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    Your crank is fine.

    You need some short crank bolts if you’re going to take the big ring off, but not if you replace it with a bash guard.

    Your middle ring will do for starters but if you get a proper SS (or 1x) ring, ie one that doesn’t have ramped teeth for shifting, that will last much longer and shouldn’t drop the chain. My ring is Hope and the cog is On One. The chain is KMC 3/32.

    AFAIK you don’t need a chain guide, your chain tension will be enough. I didn’t get any chain drops with the setup below, and I rode plenty of roots and bumps on it.

    My tensioner is a Surly Singulator, there are plenty of others. SS is fun, enjoy.

    Hi folks,

    Just wanted some quick advice really.

    Inspired by recent threads and also my old roadbike I am keen to convert my Soul to SS.

    I’ve been having a read around but cant quite work out the best way to do it. Its currently a 3×9 with XT crankset/rear/front derailleurs.

    Was thinking about going for 34 x 17 setup- it will be for local riding around Bristol. I can get a superstar cog and spacers for the rear but what is the best thing to do at the front and with a chain tensioner? Should I just try and keep my current crank and middle ring (I think a 32)- where do you put bashguards and chain devices? What it the best tensioner to use?

    Thanks for the advice


    So did it when I got home tonight… Only think I couldn’t do was remove other chainrings as didn’t have correct torx screw tool.

    The verdict…. It’s ruddy brilliant. Have been neglecting the hard tail for the full sus but absolutely loved it. Didn’t need a chain tensioner and all worked brilliantly

    Premier Icon mattjg

    You almost certainly will need a chain tensioner as the chain stretches, I’ve never seen a bike without one in one form or another. Tho a derailleur will likely do for starters.

    Your old familiar trails look fresh again don’t they?

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